What are we….

What are we…..

Well that is a broad wide ranging question which also can be very confusing for not just us to answer but for you to understand because everyone is different.

Through undertaking a one2one with you and/or your company, between both parties we look at where you are now and where you are looking to be in 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years times and then compare this to the future trends and ideas been discussed not just in your industry but the wider business arena.

Through attending events and seminars with such organisations as IBM, KPMG, Microsoft and PwC amongst many others, we get to hear and see what is happening within the fields of Social Business and Technology and how are innovating the business community. Some of these ideas will not hitting the High Streets or world of business for several years.

Why is this important?

The simple answer is that you need to be aware of things today and make sure you are prepared the future arriving. A classic example as to what was happening after September 2014 and was still happening at the start of 2015, was mobile payments! Companies were signing up for, replacing/updating or ordering extra Payment Terminals for debit or credit cards without asking about Apple Watch and mobile phones. The terminals need to be enabled to take either mobile or wearable technology payment methods as this is big change that is occurring. Whilst a lot of payments may exceed the £20 (raising to £30 in September 2015) limit imposed on mobile payments, most machines are in place with contract ranging from 2, 3 or 5 years with no facility to update unless you pay to change your contract. During February 2015, Shell petrol stations started to roll out mobile phone payments at the petrol pump in the UK. However, when we telling companies about all this back towards the end of 2013 and early part of 2014, a lot of people didn’t think this would happen as they spoke to other people who also said this wouldn’t happen. Then in September 2014 when Apple launched the iPhone6 and iPhone6plus as well as announcing the Watch, the traditional business community here in the UK all of a sudden sat up realised that what the technology world had been taking about since 2010 – technology is going to turn the business world on it’s head.

So, the very question is, how prepared is your business REALLY to handle Beacon, Cloud, Mobile and Mobile Payments to name but a few areas that you should already be in?

Another one for you to consider is Finance – do you still have a Finance Manager? Why?

The word finance at the top of your business is finished and should have been changed back in 2012 to your Futures Manager, Futures Director or Chief Futures Officer. The role of your Futures person is to look at the future and see where your business is going and what they need to do to get you there. They need to look at this future and lay the financial road map to get your company ready for the future today.

Whether it be Mobile Payments or Futures Personnel, this is where we help you plan and build for the future starting today….

Are you ready to open your mind to the visions of the future for your business?

Then, with that open mind, we need to talk as to how we can really move you forward….