Thoughts and Writings…………from 2014……

Here are at Service Address, we help with Mentoring and Business Advice & Consultancy. Thus, here are our blogs where we give our insights, thoughts and writings on current topics or the latest news and trends.

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Whislt you may think there aren’t that many this year, this is due to us working on other projects, consultancy work or researching & writing Blogs and Whitepapers published elsewhere.

Below are this year’s “Thoughts and Writings” blogs with the eldest one’s at the bottom…..


2014 – September

2014-09-23 – LinkedIn – who is right?

2014-09-17 – Starting out in business or expanding your business…..

2014 – May

2014-05-28 – Are you still marketing? Where is your engagement?

2014 – April

2014-04-28 Are you staying inside your box or learning outside the box?

2014 – March

2014-03-26 – Are Big Companies Holding Small Companies back?

2014-03-17 – Are the Government right to be lead by big companies?

2014-03-10 – Is #WYOD of the future arriving sooner?

2014-03-07 – Is the BBC worthy of us being their audience?

2014-03-04 – Our black hole…….

2014-03-01 – How To Get On To The Cloud…. 3rd and final part of 3 simple understand guides to help you…

2014 – February

2014-02-26 – My doorway for you………

2014-02-25 – Why Cloud? 2nd of 3 simple understand guides to help you…

2014-02-21 – What’s The Cloud? 1st of 3 simple understand guides to help you…

2014-02-18 – I need a door…….

2014-02-10 – How to move on…..

2014-02-05 – Saving lives and Keeping Families together

2014-02-03 – Is that a doorway…..

2014 – January

2014-01-27 – Are those bricks you are throwing helpful?

2014-01-20 – Are people throwing stones?

2014-01-17 – Are you targeting your audience correctly?

2014-01-15 – You are here but are you there too and do others know too?


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