Social Business and what is needed

What is Social Business and where and when do we need it?

The simple thing is no one is really taking serious what Social Business can offer when it comes to Social Collaboration, Social Engagement and Social Selling and instead are just focusing on Social Media.

But is it important to consider the former when we have the latter?

The simple fact is YES in so many ways and the great reasons too! The main reason is that it doesn’t whether you are going to use it or not – your name is key and so more valuable than you realise until you lose it.

If we take Social Business in stages, then you will see why and how we need to make sure that Scredible and Scredible Professional Services – SPS – is in the right places and at the right times – maybe not for now but for the future too…..

Where and why the platforms…

There are so many platforms but what we need to do is to make sure we have Scredible and SPS in the right places to cover not just here and now of the UK and US but also the future with EMEA and Asia too.

Facebook Page – Scredible

Facebook Page – SPS

Flickr Page – Scredible

Flickr Page – SPS

Foursquare Page – Scredible

Foursquare Page – SPS

G+ Page – Scredible

G+ Page – SPS

Glassdoor Page – Scredible

Glassdoor Page – SPS

Instagram Page – Scredible

Instagram Page – SPS

Line – Scredible

Line – SPS

LinkedIn Company Page – Scredible

LinkedIn Showcase Page – Scredible – News Feeds

LinkedIn Showcase Page – Scredible – Analytics

LinkedIn Showcase Page – Scredible – Artificial Intelligence

LinkedIn Showcase Page – Scredible – Algorithms

LinkedIn Company Page – SPS

LinkedIn Showcase Page – SPS – Social Media Training

LinkedIn Showcase Page – SPS – Social Business Training

LinkedIn Showcase Page – SPS – LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Showcase Page – SPS – Twitter Management

LinkedIn Showcase Page – SPS – Twitter Training

LinkedIn Showcase Page – SPS – Social Media Strategy

Naymz Page – Scredible

Naymz Page – SPS

Path Page – Scredible

Path Page – SPS

Pinterest Page – Scredible

Pinterest Page – SPS

Referral Key Page – Scredible

Referral Key Page – SPS

Tumblr Page – Scredible

Tumblr Page – SPS

Vimeo Page – Scredible

Vimeo Page – SPS

WeChat Page – Scredible

WeChat Page – SPS

xing Page – Scredible

xing Page – SPS

Yammer Page – Scredible

Yammer Page – SPS

YouTube Page – Scredible

YouTube Page – SPS

Why now…..

By “Land-Grabbing” now, we can make sure that we have all platforms covered. As soon as new platforms arrive, we need to grab these as well as soon as they appear. You may say “Why as how do you know if they will last or grow?” – well, the answer/solution is simple, if you don’t grab the name, someone else could grab it and then you have the battle to try and reclaim it – well that is if you can….

When to use….

If we just post the odd comment say monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, then we have no issues about the account being closed for inactivity…really…..NO!!

The reason for doing this is more than keeping the account active for inactivity – it’s CONTEXT oh and maybe some content too…….

Both doing this with (in my honest opinion) monthly postings (as opposed to bi-monthly or quarterly) we are able to build the context and legacy history for anyone visiting the sites. The visitors will see that we have found and created contextual content that allows them to see we understand what we are talking about and are offering to train on.

Also, some of the platforms such as Line and WeChat are communication tools but are use in Asian markets over applications such as Google Hangouts, Skype and What’s App – thus we are showing that we are approachable from any continent. 

Another one that you may wonder is Glassdoor. If we post every job vacancy on there, when people see Scredible there, they will see that we have been around for a long time plus the way we have been recruiting and what positions too

When training takes place, it is always good to share photos and videos of the training (if the companies will allow us to share the information), thus we can tagged and share the photos to Flickr and Pinterest and videos to Vimeo and YouTube. We can also utilise both Vimeo and YouTube to post Scredible Company, Introductions and Training videos.