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Working with Bob Barker, Penny Power and Thomas Power at Scredible Professional Services, we are assisting on an amazing platform which helps you not only source credible news articles and items for you to share across Social Media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but helps to lay the credible foundations to build engaging and influential partnerships.

Whilst you may say that there are many similar platforms out there in the Social Media universe that allow you to do all this, such as “Plug-Ins” from Buffer and HootSuite to name but a few, there is one major difference……

Where did you find this information?

With this platform, you just go to the site, log-in and all your news articles/feeds are delivered straight to you in this platform window. Thus enabling you to then choose which audience to share this with. For us, this has been a real game changer and hence why we are so pleased to be involved. (For further information on how Scredible works – please have a look for yourself).

So what is next….

Well the next stage for us to help deliver this to the in-excess of 3 Billion working people worldwide over the next three years. Yes this may sound a tall order but with the internet and whether you still refer to Social Media or are you now embracing Social Business, this is more than possible. The original window was five years but this has been re-addressed over the last six months due to not only the interest generated in the UK but more importantly people within the 1st level connections of everyone involved to date.

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Taking this to the next level, we have developed a “Four Tier Network” and would like to you invite you to be part of it:-

Tier One The provision of 20 C-Suite level consultants and trainers to mange and train Large, Corporate and International Companies based within your country as well as looking after Tier Two partners

Tier Two Reporting to Tier One Partners, providing and facilitating the roll out to of this service to all National, Regional and Local companies across you country through your network of connections across Tier Three and Tier Four. As well as looking after your Tier Three and Four personnel, we will be expecting you provide the Sales and Training to all National companies with in your country. Any inquiries and leads that arrive will be distributed their all Tier Two Partners for them to distribute.

Tier Three – Tier Three Partners will be expected to be able to through their training background be able to deliver training to groups in excess of 25 and be able to management of Tier Four Partners

Tier Four – will be looking after the SoHo, Micro, SMB and SME market arenas via promoting, sales and training of this service.


Tier One – Klout score of 70 plus / Kred Score of 800/8 and proven track record of training and delivering courses to C-Suite arenas

Tier Two – Klout score of 65 plus / Kred Score of 750/7 and proven track record of training and delivering courses to major companies and managing teams

Tier Three – Klout score of 60 plus / Kred Score of 700/7 and proven track record of providing training and delivering courses to companies with more than an audience 25

Tier Four – Klout score of 55 plus / Kred Score of 600/6 and proven track record of training and delivering courses to companies and individuals

If you have the necessary Social Business criteria above, please complete the forms on the associated pages below:-

Tier One – Further details and Application

Tier Two – Further details and Application

Tier Three – Further details and Application

Tier Four – Further details and Application