Education – a simple SIX stage process…

There is SIX simple stages that companies are overlooking when recruiting – can you afford to miss them?

Can recruitment be truly broken down into SIX stages?

One of the main things that happens when you come to attract employees and take them on, how do they compare to what they are saying on their Curriculum Vitae?

Thus with the UK delivering Coding to pupils from age of 5 as part of their education – Back in July 2013, Michael Gove – the UK Education Minister announced that from September 2014, UK schools would start offering Coding as a subject to children starting at the age of 5 – added together with LinkedIn lowering the age of subscription entry to 13  – LinkedIn lowered the age from 18 to 13 back in August 2013 – your company has “The Golden Key” to attract the best talent to become your workforce of the future.

Therefore, engaging with Scredible and adopting their Professional Development Training (PDT) programme, your company is able to implement their #PSCSED programme and use the SIX keys of:-

  • Pupil
  • Showcase
  • Company
  • Showcase
  • Education
  • Decision Board

to produce a simple path gaining future generations of your workforce and with Scredible’s PDT programme, their Trainers are able to show you how, by making sure you have these create all that is needed for these SIX stages how – potentially – from the age of 13, you will have pupils asking about working for you and then be requesting to work for you when they are looking for apprenticeships or have completed their education.

This #PSCSED element of Scredible’s PDT programme has been developed in-conjunction with both external advisors, companies, educational establishments and pupils too as to how not just Generation X, Y, Millennials and Z are looking to find the right career paths but employment too. This programme is one that will be constantly updated by continued feedback and development to make sure that Generations Z and Alpha utilising Technology to find their chosen careers.

Scredible Trainers will make sure that both your employee’s and company have the correct foundations laid within Link to embed all the relevant information and collaborative partners to allow pupils to fully understand your company, what you are offering and what you are looking for from future employees.

By helping you create these Collaborative and Engaging partnerships with Education, you are creating a two way street of not just giving but receiving information on taking your business to the next level.


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