Education – are you bringing this into your business?

One of the major things that is becoming more and more apparent is that people are changing the way they allow their children to develop.

Whilst we were growing up, we would have inquisitive minds and be looking at how things worked and also – in some cases – taking things apart. Well now this has moved on with the advent of technology.

Children are becoming more and more researchers by looking for things online whether this is by searching on Google or YouTube to discover things. Children are becoming reviewers of products, etc by judging the reviews and ratings to discover how other people judge them before asking to buy the item.

Same is relevant for homework, gone of the days of how we used to go libraries to look up things in books, they search online. over the last 20 plus years, schools have changed from us doing tests/questionnaires and the forms being sent away to then using programmes to discover what possible careers we would be looking when we leave school to enable us to plan what subjects we needed to take to gain those all important qualifications.

Is this key?

This is very key in today’s education environment as Technology becomes a greater part of what children are taught today. Back in July 2013, Michael Gove – the UK Education Minister announced that from September 2014, UK schools would start offering Coding as a subject to children starting at the age of 5. Thus, combining this with how children are researching as to what careers they wish to take, I believe that this could have been part of LinkedIn’s decision to change their entry level to join LinkedIn.

They LinkedIn in my opinion – saw this as opportunity to really change how they attract the next generation of subscribers, meaning that someone signing up at 13 could become a subscriber for the next 60 plus years – how valuable is this?

So, by seeing this as a way to capture the generation of employees, LinkedIn lowered the age from 18 to 13 back in August 2013 and not many companies (or educational establishments) have actually sat up and taken noticed.

Therefore, this is leaving your company open to missing a whole generation of people that will be knocking on your door and asking…

What qualifications and subjects do I need to study to come and work for you?

So, how can you make this work for you?

Thus, Scredible have – through their Professional Development Training PDT programme – seen this gap and have now launched a modular training programme which can either be delivered via In-House Training Sessions, a series of online tutorials or one2one webinars which take you through how you create the leveraged content that you need to create the new generation of employees for your company.

Scredible with their LinkedIn trainers have studied and looked into how children are now researching their careers, how individuals have created their profile and how companies are highlighting the careers they offer and what they are looking for coupled with Educational Establishments they are working with. One such area is by taking #PSCSED and creating a structured programme covering SIX key areas that companies need to start implementing.

The ability of helping your company implement these six areas, enable your company to create the foundations of attracting the key personnel that you are looking for to drive your business forward. Just think, if you have children age 13 starting to look at your company, over the next three years until they change locations to study at 16, you can keep a track on these pupils. If they meet what you are looking for, you have just secured your next generation of apprentices or look to sponsor them through college and university. You’ve just secured your future workforce by helping to develop them with their education.

Just stop and think, how powerful is this?

This is immensely powerful as once they start telling their friends, their parents and the places of education they attend, these three groups will be talking about how good your company is and thus, future pupils will be applying to work for you….

Therefore, this SIX stage programme of #PSCSED can really take you to the next level and help your company really master the power of what LinkedIn can offer not just your company but your employees to especially by embracing Social Collaboration and Social Engagement – which are all parts of the benefits of the Scredible programmes on offer.


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