Bloomberg and the benefit to business

Bloomberg and the benefit to business

Whenever you walk into an office building, hotel receptions, hotel lounges, canteens, cafeterias, cafes etc of companies, one of the things you will see here in the UK, is the sight of large flat screens showing live feeds of either BBC News or Sky News.

Each of these two channels are providing live news feeds and interviews on news stories and breaking news stories.

This can be good as it is bringing you the latest news especially with their live “Ticker tape” style news feed. Yet this “Ticker Tape” feed is nothing new and where does it come from? It actually originates and comes from the business world where you have rolling streams showing the stock prices on the trading floors of stock brokers and the stock exchanges around the world.

So, the “Ticker Tape” is bringing the upto date breaking news yet if you spend a few hours in these locations watching either BBC News or Sky News, what you will notice is that the stories are repetitive and/or re-done by the next presenter in a maybe a different style or with different guests giving their points of view on the same topic.

Thus, if you are in a working environment where you are providing this service, is this really benefiting your staff where they are hearing the same things over and over again? Eventually they will block out this “repetitive noise” and be ignoring it. So, this “repetitive noise” is not really generating “Social Collaboration” and “Social Engagement” by your staff with your clients and internally within your company to help you grow.

But can you turn this and make it really helpful and informative?

Yes, you can say there is but can you get people really paying attention to it and does it really help you and your company?

Is there another solution that can really help your business grow and develop?

Could another offering whilst delivering breaking news also be a channel of sharing the latest business and technology stories and insights?

Wouldn’t this be more inspiring to how you can keep your business ahead of your competitors plus give you a marketing lead over them too?

The unknown “Secret Business Service” is already here and can really break you and your company out from the crowd and keep you abreast of what is happening and ahead of everyone else….

 As the name of this document suggests, you have the solution in Bloomberg Business and what they can offer. The service they can offer can be replicated around the world if you have locations in other countries as Bloomberg provide a television service which can be set for the region you are in.

Here in the UK, they have produced a LIVE television service – Bloomberg Television – broadcasting from 06.00hrs GMT to 11.00hrs GMT Monday to Friday. Therefore, you are grabbing the latest business news and being able to share it with both internally and externally. The insights to the company announcements, who is buying who, what is happening to share prices and also what is happening with the latest technology news, also provides you with that edge.

But does this really benefit you?

You would be surprised how often we are doing something and all of a sudden a word or phrase is said that our sub-conscious picks up and we turn around or look up to see who said that.

When you hear this, you pay attention and then want to share either by talking about it or researching. This is where the next stage of Bloomberg Business (and Bloomberg Television) comes into force.

If you visit their website (Bloomberg Business), you will see news items, video reports and interviews that you can then either share internally with colleagues or departments for them to look into and action. Having this information being shared internally is showing “Social Collaboration” within your company and getting your staff to actually work better together to help each other. (This information is easily shared via utilising other platforms and Social Business platforms which we can discuss separately with you)

The sharing of information internally giving you a heads up on new technology, what companies are doing and is occurring in the world of politics around the world, so you can adapt or enquire to about getting ahead in real time…

(It is worth noting here, that a lot of the discussions and news that Bloomberg Business shares can be a day, days or even weeks ahead of either BBC News or Sky News. You just have to look at the Twitter feeds of many journalists and they are sharing information from Bloomberg which is ahead of their own news organisations sharing)

So, if you getting ahead internally by sharing this information by getting your staff to collaborate and work together, you have already created “Social Collaboration”.

Now if you could move this information outside and speak to other companies that are being mentioned and discussed on Bloomberg Business or sharing it with clients and prospects, they will see you as being a leading light. A company that is up to date and really one they should be watching, talking to and working with. Now isn’t that calling engaging? Of course it is! By sharing this news that you, your staff and your company are getting, they are able to share this and thus, in turn are creating and taking part in “Social Engagement”.

When you wrap up the internal side of “Social Collaboration” with the external side of “Social Engagement” you are now bringing the “word of mouth” into the 21st Century of “Social Selling”

Bloomberg Business (well actually Bloomberg Television as this is what will playing on your screens) is really the main backbone that you should be having within your environment of working better internally and externally to grab the Generations of X, Y, Millennials and Z who are wanting news and information to keep them ahead of the game and be information that they can share enhance their position with their peers.

But before you ask – as you may have noticed above – what happens after 11.00hrs GMT?

Nothing – it continues…and this is where you can really be ahead…..

After this time, it switches to the US where it kicks off at 06.00hrs EST and then as the day progresses across the US before end the UK day splitting their shows between San Francisco and New York.

But before the day closes, between 15.00hrs GMT and 17.00hrs GMT you have a show called Market Makers which as the name suggests, is all about how the what is happening in the markets and who are making things happen within the markets. This show is hosted by Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle who interview people who have companies or products that they are about to launch or just have – thus you are getting “the inside track” as to what is happening. Also, they interview people who are giving their thoughts and insights to the markets and companies that are about to or are making the news.

But before the day closes, between 18.00hrs GMT and 19.00hrs GMT you have a show called Bloomberg West which comes from San Francisco and is one hour of solid technology news as to the latest products, announcements or breaking “tech news”. The show is hosted by Cory Johnson and Emily Chang and their insights make sure they are asking the right questions to keep you upto date with what you need to keep your company focused on the future.

We trust this article gives you an insight as to why you need to change channel within your company and use Bloomberg to keep you ahead of your competitors.

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