Many people when they hear the name “Bloomberg” think of Michael Bloomberg – the ex Mayor of New York but there is whole organisation that is Bloomberg behind him that many don’t know about….

The “Bloomberg” name covers not just Finance but also both Print and Vision media too. Within the Finance world, you find the majority of investors, investment companies and stock brokers and traders, will have terminals giving them the latest stock prices, trades and news on public companies that trading on the Stock Markets around the world. Whilst the print – Business Week – and vision – Bloomberg Television – along with Bloomberg Radio keep you update to all the latest stories and articles relating to people and companies within the business world.

This section covers the Bloomberg Multimedia arm headed up by Justin B Smith which covers Television, Radio and parts of the print sectors of Bloomberg.

Thus, below, you will find items about Bloomberg that will give some ideas, thoughts and reasons to why Bloomberg is a company that is discussed within the Business Community and how it can have a place in your life or business.

Blogs:- Businesses that can help us – Bloomberg? Why and how Bloomberg can really shape the of Business in the UK Why Bloomberg can really shape the way business operates in the UK over the next 18 months Reports:- Whitepapers:- Bloomberg and the benefit to business If you are wanting to see the above items, please click on the link of the item or if no link is available, please fill in the form below and we will see if we are allowed to share the document with you and your company from the organisation that commissioned it.

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