Many people when they hear the name of IBM think of Computers, maybe Watson but never realise what they truly offer to business arena with their products especially Smaller Businesses…..

The world of IT and Technology has moved at such a pace that companies need to truly adapt to these changes and look at what they can offer. IBM saw this and has made some great changes including selling their hardware division to Lenovo and starting to offer aspects of their software free to show that they can such as IBM Analytics.

Their profile has being raised further by the partnership (even though they have been doing this for years) with Wimbledon for tennis championships each year in London, showing Watson has developed by entering Watson in to the television show Jeopardy, the combination of Cognitive Cooking with Watson to produce Chef Watson.

Therefore, with not just Watson,  IBM are now truly able to offer something right across the business sector catering for any size business. This is further extended by their partnerships with Apple and Twitter – two partnerships that IBM has done to show how they can enhance businesses with their products like Analytics as a starting platform analysing Tweets and producing App’s for businesses in partnership with Apple.

Thus, below, you will find items about IBM that will give some ideas, thoughts and reasons to why IBM is a company that is discussed within the Business Community and how it can have a place in your life or business.


Information and articles:-

The IBM Cloud



IBM and Small Business

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