LinkedIn Profile – getting ready for 2014 – Step 2

Here is our “Step Two Tip” for getting your LinkedIn Profile ready for 2014………

{the information below, is the email mailer which was sent out on Friday 6th December 2013

to help you get organised with your LinkedIn profile for 2014}

We are just over four weeks from 2014 but are you ready? Make sure you are starting 2014 with the correct Professional image via your LinkedIn profile just like mine
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LinkedIn – your main keystone for creating your Professional Social Media Portrait….


Have you made those changes?


Ian Calvert

Have you changed your work history?

Is your personal and education history correct?

Have you added any videos, pdf’s or examples of your work?

Following on from last week’s email about planning that your LinkedIn profile is ready for 2014, I trust that you had a look at your profile and brought it up to date?

Just a quick re-cap for you:-

  • Your summary – in my opinion I think you should treat your LinkedIn profile like your CV, make sure it is the same; as after all, you are selling yourself. Therefore, when writing the summary, make sure it is written from you telling them about yourself and not in the third person where someone is telling them about you

  • Experience – in my opinion, with companies wanting to know everything and being able to research you especially with Social Media, make sure you have your complete work history listed, even if it is just the name of company, your position plus the years you were there – at least there is no gaps in your career showing

  • Skills & Expertise – complete this section with around 10 to 15 items that summarise your expertise. The reason for doing this, once you start engaging with people, following articles, commenting and sharing them;  when people then see other profiles or your’s, endorsements will appear at the top of the page asking you to endorse people. Whilst the words you have placed in this section will appear, other key words will start to appear and people will be asked to endorse you. Once the list reaches 50 different endorsement words/topics, you will be asked to manage them and maybe remove some…..

  • Education – place your history from infant school all the way through or from secondary school onwards…why? Well sometimes people view, that if you moved around consistently during your school years, then they may have doubts about your education; on the other hand, some people will see that if the locations were far apart, then your ‘Social Skills’ will have been vastly improved. 

  • Recommendations – who are your connections? How well do you know them? Are they present or ex colleagues? Ex-clients or current clients? These are people you benefit from contacting them and asking if they would be kind enough to write a recommendation for you….

By making sure the above, is all correct and done, people are able to see what you would tell them, as if they were stood in front of you. Just like they were asking you to tell them about yourself, where you have worked, what your skills are, what expertise you have, where you studied and “if I asked someone to recommend you, what would they say about you?”. One final point on this, this is something you can start, save go away and come back and re-write until you are happy with it.

Another point, if you are going to update, go away, come back and update, go away, come back, etc etc… make sure you do the following:-

  • Click your photo in the top right hand corner
  • Click Privacy and Settings
  • Confirm your email address and password
  • In the Profile Section
  • Privacy Controls section
  • Click “Turn on/off  your activity broadcasts”
  • Un-tick the box

By un-ticking the box, you will stop people getting lots of updates saying about every change you do to your profile. When you have completed all your changes, repeat the process and tick the box.

Take some time going through these steps and make sure you have got all this right and looking/sounding the way you want people to view you.

So, once this is all complete, this is the MAIN major thing you must consider – make sure your photo is you and by you I mean not a picture of a scene, your company logo or you in a group…why? Well, just think, you are at event and and you are introduced to someone, what an ice-breaker it would be if they said, ‘I recognise you from your LinkedIn profile‘ or ‘Aren’t we connected on LinkedIn? I am sure I have seen your photo…..‘ – warm conversation starters make the rest of the discussion much easier…..

Well, I hope you have found this of interest and look forward to updating you next week on the next stage of making sure your LinkedIn profile is ready for 2014…..

Should you want to discuss this more, we can offer you a one-off consultation or our subscription based LinkedIn Mentoring Service to help either you your company or both make sure you have the correct image on LinkedIn. So, for more information on this, either pop over to our Showcase pageCompany Page or visit our website to see how we can help you further.

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