LinkedIn Profile – getting ready for 2014 – Step 1

Here is our “Step One Tip” for getting your LinkedIn Profile ready for 2014………


{the information below, is the email mailer which was sent out on Monday 25th November 2013

to help you get organised with your Linkedin profile for 2014}



We are a few weeks from 2014 but are you ready? Make sure you are starting 2014 with the correct Professional image via your LinkedIn profile just like mine

Are you are ready for 2014?

Is your Professional Image right?

Are the details right for people to find you?

When did you last check your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn and you – does it mirror you? With all the changes that are taking place at LinkedIn – have you popped over and made sure your LinkedIn Profile is upto date? With people (and now companies) now looking more and more to utilise LinkedIn to find people that can help their company, does your ‘Personal‘ or ‘Company‘ profile pages actually match who you or your company are?

As the saying goes,people buy from people – so, does your profile really reflect you? Is your profile photo really you? This is one of the major mistakes, many people make on their personal profile by not using their own image. How do you expect someone to connect with you, if you have no image or an image that is not you? The same can be said for your name too, is it really your name that is being displayed?

LinkedIn are currently making sure that profiles are profiles and as a result are contacting people who’s profiles aren’t correct – do you want this to happen to you? It could result in you losing your profile! Why not speak to us to make sure your profile is upto date and not one that LinkedIn could take action against – even worst, do you want prospective connections or prospective clients looking at your profile which isn’t right or creates the wrong impression of you or your company?

Whilst I am not saying that your profile is wrong, I am just highlighting these points for you to consider – all of which are valid points for you to have a look at and make sure they are correct. So, why visit your page and make sure all the information is correct for not only your connections to see but also your prospective connections and clients to see….

Should you want to discuss this more, we can offer you a one-off consultation or our subscription based LinkedIn Mentoring Service to help either you your company or both make sure you have the correct image on LinkedIn. So, for more information on this, either pop over to our Showcase page, Company Page or visit our website to see how we can help you further.

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