The Dining Club

Need an escape?

Want a more relaxed meeting and less formal?

Want to be able to speak freely and without the worry of being overheard?

Then maybe the Dining Club is for you…..

In a relaxed carefree environment and over a lovely lunch, why not have a mentoring session where you can share your thoughts and visions.

We will help you to think out of the box and your normal comfort zone, to discover which is the best way forward with what is happening within both the business and technology worlds and how you need to start planning your next step forward…being prepared for the future now!

The Dining Club experience can be either be a “one2one” or as a small intimate group of no more than four people and operated under Chatham House Rule plus no two people from the same industry will be present.

The whole idea of The Dining Club came about due to many people asking to have a meeting with us whilst we were either in London, Oxford, Birmingham or Manchester but the only time we had free was between 11.30/12.00 and 1.00/1.30pm. As this was our only free time and the only time they had for their lunch, we thought that using our only free time to have a meeting with them wanting to have their lunch – why not create The Dining Club where both parties are are able to meet but we can also eat too. Thus, we decided that by introducing this offering, we break up both parties day and have a relaxing informal meeting away from normal working environments whilst grabbing a bite to eat.

And don’t think this whole session will be expensive, as once we have had the initial discussion about what, when and where the session will take place, we will make sure the session is suited and flexible to yourself.


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To discover more about The Dining Club and when the next one is taking place, please complete the form below:-


  • Due to changes constantly taking place as a result and nature of our workload, bookings are essential
  • Bookings are accepted and can sometimes occur upto 90 even 120 days in advance
  • With advance booking, the day will be based around several meetings and the allotted time is normally 90 minutes (should a longer time be required – please advise at the time of booking) to make it a full productive day for Service Address
  • Unfortunately, no refunds will be given should you decided to cancel or fail attend the appointment
  • 50% of the cost is to be paid on booking with the balance paid no later than 14 days before the lunch
  • The costs of the lunch and drinks is NOT included within the session charge and will be borne by yourself (and other attends if it is not a “one2one” session)