Conception Stone…..

So we have taken you and your business through Dream Stone of the Keystone Implementation Programme and now it is time for the second foundation stone Conception.….

So, what is the Conception Keystone?

Simply put, the idea you had in the Dream Keystone has been proved to be something that can be taken to the next stage and hopefully lead you into turning the Dream into a business whether run from home, a business or innovation centre, office or retail premise such as a shop or industrial premise.

We will help take you through all the issues that you need to consider whilst going through the Conception stage of your business idea….

Once everything has been put into place, then the business is ready for funding to open and start trading, but what does this mean? What is needed? Again, all these points are covered here and are able to assist…

So, what do we need to look at with you:-

  • The idea
  • The development
  • The funding
  • The pre-launch
  • The opening
  • The early years

The Development Stone is the on-going process of helping you build on your current level of business whilst also helping you to grow to the next stage of your business.

If you want to more about the Development Stone of Keystone Implementation Programme, please contact us here via phone or email or just complete the form below:-