Boosting your business with 50 and beyond in 2015……

50 and beyond…..

One of the things that we noticed in 2014 was that many people and companies where still not fully embracing Social Business in a uniformed and connected manner….

Whilst the high percentage of businesses may have some form of connectivity – i.e. like a smartphone, email and access to the internet – the majority are still not fully understanding how we operate our private lives and how to incorporate this into Social Collaboration and Social Engagement working within their company.

Thus, towards the end of 2014, we put together our “Boosting your business with 50 and beyond in 2015……” programme which takes you through:-

  • Causal chat and drink and welcome session on arrival
  • Introduction session to Social Business and how this is changing the way we market and sell services and products today compared to the past
  • Marketing session covering points that you need to be considering
  • Sales session covering points that you need to considering and thinking of implementing 
  • Casual recap and discussion over a comfort break
  • Social Business overview on how you need to start thinking how this becoming more consumer focused more and more as to how your business operates
  • A Hootsuite overview as to what you can achieve with Social Business and how managing your Social Business through their platform can lead to greater interaction with your potential client base via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • How our “50 point BOOST Guide” will help you think more about how Marketing, Sales and Social Business all fits together
  • Looking into the future and what this can hold
  • Wrap up Q&A session

This in-depth introduction session either runs over a morning session or the choice of two – a 180 minute or 225 minute session – afternoon sessions.

These in-depth introductions aren’t large group sessions either – they are small sessions of around 10 to 12 people that allow us to all have an interactive introduction with the ability to have two-way interaction through out the session.

So what does 50 mean then…

We felt that you should take away something from the session more than just the notes you take and what you remember seeing and hearing. Thus, to put it simply this session involves us giving you back 50…….

  • Our “in-depth introduction session” will be discounted by £50.00
  • We give you our “50 Point BOOST Guide”
  • We give you your “Toolbox50” Guide
  • A £50.00 discount voucher off “one2one” Company Mentoring Session review
  • A £50.00 discount voucher off “one2one” Company Sales and Marketing Session review
  • 30 days Free Access to The “Guidance Author” and “Guidance Platform” Vaults containing over 350 eBooks and White Papers worth over £50.00
  • 14 Days Free Access to the “The Vault” containing over 1,500 of eBooks, Infographics and White Papers worth £50.00
  • Free HootsuitePro and Hootsuite University (Subject to availability) worth over £50.00

So, with all of the above and coupled with what we take you though during the session, we feel that you will understand how important combining Social Collaboration and Social Engagement together with Social Business is moving through 2015 and make sure you are fully prepared for 2016 before it arrives

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