50 Boosts for 2015…..

We thought that there should be a way to help you move ahead and start really making 2015 happen for you and lead you into 2016 prepared and ready….

50 and beyond…..

One of the things that we noticed in 2014 was that many people and companies where still not fully embracing Social Business in a uniformed and connected manner or understanding how Social Collaboration and Social Engagement still aren’t being discussed let alone being investigated on how they should be implemented working within their company…..

So towards the end of 2014, we put together a Taster Introduction Session aimed at providing a starter/thinking about session for those just wondering what they need to be about and an Introduction Session which goes into a more in-depth introduction.

Whether you have not really thought about implementing Social Business within your business, think that using facilities like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is just for you personally or have actually looked at/played around with various Social Business platforms, these two introduction sessions will get you thinking about how you need to start embracing this new era of “Social” and “Social Selling” within your company.

Our Taster Introduction Session takes place in a morning and is aimed to run from 9.30am to 11.30am to give you a two hour calm and relaxed introduction session, so you can arrive after 9.00am for a casual coffee before we start and then spend around 15 to 30 minutes afterwards discussing any points or asking some more questions. Then we have our Introduction Session which is more in-depth and runs over a morning session or the choice of two – a 180 minute or 225 minute session – afternoon sessions.

So, to learn more about our two introductory sessions, please visit their pages below:-

– Taster Introduction Session 

Introduction Session

Sometimes attendees actually want to continue the discussion on further and sometimes in a one2one environment. Therefore, after a morning session, we are offering places at our Dining Club where you can join us for lunch lasting around 90 minutes on either a one2one basis or in a small intimate group of no more than four people and operated under Chatham House Rule plus no two people from the same industry will be present. So, to discover more about The Dining Club, please visit The Dining Club Page to learn more.

So we feel that our 50 BOOSTS for 2015 will really get you started on how you need to start thinking, combining and implementing

Social Business

Social Collaboration

Social Engagement

Social Selling

into your way of thinking of bringing the future of 2016, 2018 and 2020 into your business this year……


To discover more about these two introductory taster sessions and The Dining Club or when the next ones are taking place, please complete the form below:-