Education, Technology and Social Business…..

With the technology moving faster and faster each day, what are you doing about implementing Social Business  into your Education Facility?

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Have you considered how Social Business is being used by Years 5 and above to help them decide educational facility to choose over other facilities?

Are you looking at Social Business to attract parents to choose your educational facility over other facilities?

Are you looking to use Social Business to attract people to come and study at night and weekends?

Are you using Social Business to promote the extra curricular activities available?

Are you just wanting to promote and share what is going on within your Education Facility?

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Either way, there is so much that you can do and make available to not just to your future pupils, current pupils, their parents or to attract members of the community to use your facilities and not forgetting your staff too…..

Here at Service Address, we are not here to teach and train you on how you should be using Social Business (even though we can do that if you wish), what we actually do, is sit down with you and discover:-

  • where you are with your current Social Media facilities
  • what strategies you have in place
  • what you are looking to achieve
  • what you foresee the future being
  • how are all the various Social Business platforms now starting to incorporate Education and how you need to make sure you are aware and being part of this platform community

Between us, using the information above, we can help you to deliver and set the correct paths for your establishment’s future in combination with Social Business and Technology and then how you can use it to take your pupils to the next level of their education.


Simple – did you know:-

  • the legal age for using Facebook is 13 and that some schools, colleges and companies will check to see when people joined. Why? Well if the user (i.e. the pupil) joined before the age of 13, then was this with parental approval or not? This could be seen a negative as to when complying with rules etc
  • LinkedIn – the legal age for using LinkedIn is 13 and this is part of the full educational facility and job search/placement opportunity they have created – thus the integration of education and employment becomes very important
  • Snapchat – there is no legal but their own guidelines say it is 18 and above. However, if you are 13 to 17 and have Parental permission, you can use it
  • Twitter – whilst there is not legal age (un-written rules say around 13 plus they say just as long as you can read and write) some care and concern is needed. Maybe such outlining what is right and wrong as well as how to block people or use the reporting tool

The above are just four of main sites used but this is changing all the time especially with the advance of Path and Tumblr amongst many others. The use of Social Media changed back around 2012 and started to evolve into what we have today in Social Business; and this is changing more and more due to ages and it is now considered that the younger age groups (depending on which information you look at – i.e. 28 or 25 and under) are now utilising short burst facilities and this can also lead to education issues that you may not be aware of.

Furthermore, with the advent of coding – that arrived into the Education EcoSystem back in September 2014 – how is this going to balance out into other topics to consider more and more and the role that Social Business is working it’s way into the Education EcoSystem – something we are already working on…….

So, to discover how we can help you understand more Social Business but also the future of Technology and the integration of them into Education and beyond, either contact us here or complete the form below:-