Dictionary and Glossary

In any business environment you find yourself in, you always come across sayings and abbreviations that you are unsure as to what they mean.

So to help you, we have complied this page to give you an overview and links to Wikipedia or other websites that give definitions and explanations to help you understand more what people are saying or what we have wrote on this site too.

3D Printing – 3D Printing

aaS – as a Service

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Apprentice – Apprentice

Apprenticeship – Apprenticeship

Article – Article

Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality – Augmented Reality

Bank Finance – Bank Finance

Bank Funding – Bank Funding

Beacon – Beacon Technology

BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy

Blog – Blog


BPaaS – Business Process as a Service 

Business – Business

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

CSC – Closed Selective Controlling

C Level – Corporate Level

C Suite – Corporate Suite

C Title – Corporate Title

Chief Financial Officer – CFO

Chief Future Officer – CFO

Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing

CoI – Circle of Influence

Cognitive Computing – Cognitive Computing

Coop / CoOp – Co-Operative

COPE – Corporate Own Personal Enabled

Construction – Construction

Content Marketing – Content Marketing

Corporate Business – Corporate Business

Corporation – Corporation

Corporate Finance – Corporate Finance

Cost Reduction – Cost Reduction

Crowd Funding – Crowd Funding

Crowd Sourcing – Crowd Sourcing

CYOD – Choose Your Own Device

DaaS – Data as a Service

Data – Data

Generation Y – GenY

Glass – Google Glass

Google Glass – Google Glass

ITaaS – IT as a Service

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

iBeacon – iBeacon

IBM – International Business Machines

Industry – Industry

Internet – Internet

Intranet – Intranet

IoT – Internet of Things

IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things 

IT – Information Technology

Information Technology – Information Technology

Infrastructure – Infrastructure

International Business – International Business

International Monetary Fund – International Monetary Fund

Kickstarter – Kickstarter

KPI – Key People of Influence

KPI – KeyPerformanceIndicator/s

Large – Large Business

Location Marketing – Location Marketing

MNC – Multi National Corporation

MNE – Multi Nationl Enterprise

Major – Major Business

Medium – Medium Size Business

Mentor – Mentor

Mentoring – Mentoring

Millennials – Millennials

Millenniums – Millenniums

National Business – National Business

NFC – Near Field Communication

ORS – Open Random  Supportive

PaaS – Platform as a Service

PI – Performance Indicator/s

Partnership – Partnership

R&D – Research and Development

RoI – Return On Investment

Research and Development – Research and Development

Resources – Resources

Return On Investment – Return On Investment

SaaS – Software as a Service

SMB – Small Medium Business

SME – Small Medium Enterprise

SAIL – Single Alternative Inspection Location

Sales management – Sales management

Self-employed – Self-employed

Self-employment – Self-employment

Service Address – Service Address

Social Business – Social Business

Social Media – Social Media

SaaS – Software as a Service

SoHo – Small Office Home Office

Sole Proprietorship – Sole Proprietorship

SoLoMo – Social Location Mobile

SoMoLo – Social Mobile Location

SVoD – Subscription Video on Demand

The Cloud – Cloud Computing

TNC – Trans National Company

Trade Association – Trade Association

Trade Body – Trade Body

Virtual Reality – Virtual Reality

Wearable Devices – Wearable Devices 

Wearable Technology – Wearable Technology 

Web – Web

World Wide Web – World Wide Web

www – www

WYOD – Wear Your Own Device

We trust that this page has helped you gain better understanding of the business community and the abbreviations and terms used.

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