Are these industries not recognising they are real Innovators?

You think and wonder why Interior Design and Landscape Design are both here as we would we be wanting to talk about them?

Well the simple answer is that Interior and Landscape are both one in the same and they both be huge market leaders in the fields of Innovation and Technology.

Whilst both arenas still command the majority of their work being manual and visual drawings, technology is becoming more and more affordable to allow these two sectors to embrace technology and rise to another level.

Once this is then combined with 3D Design, 3D Printing, 4D Printing, 3D Visualisation , AR, VR and many more features and facilities that are arriving, the opportunities for these Designers is limitless due to what AI is delivering……

The one issue – is this lead to mass consolidation?

Can we foresee a time where Technology can lead to consolidation within the whole aspect of the Design and Construction arena?

Will Technology mean that anyone with access to Design tools could Dream, Think, Plan, Design, Apply for approval, Gain approval and Print their own house, office, factory etc?

Whilst many within the industry will dispute and say this is stupid and will never happen – let us just say that the majority of this is already happening and it won’t be long before the whole picture could arrive…

Furthermore, the arrival of Printing and Visualisation is clearing going to really change the Construction, Design/Landscape Industries within 2016 and these sectors really need to stand up take notice that they can be at the forefront….

The main problem that many of these businesses still are that they are in two sectors where physical and visual is what their prospective clients are wanting – and, they continue to offer!

Yet technology is now here for them to embrace and change the way business operates all together.

Whilst we have the likes of Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR becoming available to businesses, many still this as being heavily focused around the Gaming Industry – how wrong this is…

Yes, they may be focused around Gaming but they throughout 2014 and 2015 showed the intent that AI, AR and VR could really offer.

Yet lurking in the background during this period was HoloLens from Microsoft which so many dismissed – what a huge mistake…..

With HoloLens now releasing, they are offering the AI combination with AR and VR the arrival of 3D!

Their 3D offering means for example, that a landscape gardener could design the garden that you asked for. The gardener, then loads it on to a VR Headset to see the design overlaid onto your garden through the images/videos that they took. But, instead of this VR experience, HoloLens is taking it a stage further, where you will see the same design and be able to reach out move things items around to the way you wanting them. This will be totally a real life experience as the items will be 3D so you can see the design in more depth.

Also, why have the photo or the video?

You will be able to put on the HoloLens Headsets and actually look through the lens to your garden just as if you are wearing glasses. Then, when the design is launched, you will see the design in real life and in real conditions! Just think, the design was done and based on the photos/video taken on a wonderful sunny day, yet when you are viewing it, it is dull and overcast, how does it look now?

What happens if they came in the Autumn and it’s now winter? With a few clicks through the HoloLens programme, the plants change to show what they look like in Winter!

So, the same can also be done with Interior Design too!!

With this VR Technology now releasing – the big question for you as Interior Designers and Landscape Gardeners is…..

Are you ready to be the new GameChangers with the business world?


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Business is changing but are you ready for the change?

An unexpected change occurred on Wednesday (21st of January 2015) when Microsoft bounced back! Not in a small way but in a HUGE way….

Windows 10 - One Product - One Family

People have slated Microsoft for years and like other companies they just haven’t see the bigger picture! These people are screaming and shouting how amazing Google and Android are but they are stuck in this Eco-System closet!

Microsoft are now defining themselves as “One Product – One Family” but the people I am talking about above are seeing what “One Family” means….

Just look at what has happened over the last 18 months with regards to this family…..

Who is this family?

We have seen over this period what many would see as enemies or competitors aren’t seeing this family are seeing – they are….


We seen companies that offer the same services in certain areas really connecting and linking together to share services and products to create “Frienemies” where what could previously be seen as enemies now been friends and this family is…..

Apple, Dropbox, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yahoo

During 2015, we are going to see more and more connectivity between this family and how it will come together and really move your business forward…..

So we have Windows10 going to be appearing across all devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phablet, Mobile and xBoxONE and the same with office2016 – how powerful is this?

Then you are seeing these companies using each other’s back office services, sharing their services and App’s on each other’s platforms and then cross selling each other’s services their own stores as well as sharing Intellectual Property too…

So, combine this 3D and 4D Printing, AI and VR and BOOM – the business world is exploding but is business ready?

And before you laugh – people did this when Microsoft launched the Smartwatch back in 2003 and then cancelled the project in 2008, hang on a minute, all these Smartwatch makers today, are copying this design!

And now they are bringing Hololens and Holostudio – so get ready to have your business turned on it’s head…..

So, buckle up, jump on board and get ready…..

As the future is coming….


Is your business ready……

This article was written for us by Ian CalvertFor more views and opinions of Ian Calvert, the research for other companies that he is looking into or just to learn more about Ian Calvert and how he can help you further, you can visit his website here

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Starting out in business or expanding your business…..

The simple question is, what is your next move?

Are you just going to continue as you are or are you going to look around you to innovate?


Recently one thing has become more and more clear – the amount of people offering advice and trying to entice people and businesses away to themselves with promises of this and that whilst actually doing more damage than good!

Too many people are becoming advisors and experts offering to help you and if you wish to go for quick fix solutions, please do so, but don’t expect to be comparing us with them.

Here at Service Address, we operate on a long term plan and relationship programme. If we accept you and enter into a relationship with you, it because we haven’t sat behind a computer and read things off the internet or watched YouTube videos – we have been there with the key people to take part in the debates and processes to actually understand what is happening.

So, we have programmes and processes in place and moving forward, if you terminate an agreement before the end, unfortunately, we have now taken the decision to say that we will take action to recover the balance of the agreement.

Our work is not a quick dive and do this and that, it is all about planning for the future and foundation building, so if you don’t deliver the information we ask for, then don’t expect us to produce the results you are looking – after-all, we can only deliver results if the information we require is forthcoming from yourselves.

So, when you have got the tools into your toolbox (like mentioned above), then let’s get together and see how we can help you, as by working with our partners across the World ( Yes – that is right, we aren’t just local but Worldwide), we are able to deliver you platform for the future that will take your business to the next level and ahead of the rest….

If you are un-sure what we mean, then watch the Apple Launch video from the 9th of September 2014 to see the foundation building they have provided with Watch and iPhone6 amongst many other things that Tim Cook announced….

So if you wish to work locally, think locally and be advised by local local people – then we wish you the best of luck for the future….

Alternatively, if you want to forward think, be a business for 2020 and beyond, have access to some of the most forward thinking people and businesses Worldwide and understanding partnership development, then we are open to talking to you and your company……


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Are Big Companies Holding Small Companies back?

When will David versus Goliath end?

#BigCompanies #SmallCompanies


After many years of being in business, around business owners, decision makers and purchasing people, it still seems that Big Business is still enjoying the mantel of what could be considered to holding business back…..

Following attending several events over the last few months, something that really stood out, that in this economic climate, is still a real case of us and them – yet why?

Not going into the full details because that would be too specific, but what I will overview is something covers many aspects of so many businesses.

The requirement:-

  • A product or service is required on a regular basis allowing the client to utilise these products or services for use or re-sale  every day that there are in operation.
  • This product or service is just one part of the business so either single or small quantities are required
  • This product or service is one that could be offered to virtually everybody to use and the client is wanting to start being involved

The solution:-

  • The supplier being able to supply the product or service to every possible business and make it freely available with no limitations
  • Offer the product or service as per required based on what is needed. i.e. whether it is 1,2,7,34, 85, 162 or 1487 units across the SoHo, SMB, SME, Medium, Large, Corporate or Multi-National Business Arenas
  • Offer the exact same service or product to each one of those business arenas on a tiered platform offering

The reality:-

  • The service or product is only available in the quantities we – the supplier – dictate and aren’t prepared to budge
  • This is the price and we demand it as we have our costs to meet and thus we can cherry-pick the business arenas we operate in
  • The reluctance of the suppliers to adapt, mean other suppliers come to the market provide inferior products at the a lower price point or free
  • The battle becomes that the SoHo, SMB or SME Business Arenas have to battle through the pain of changing to free and payable products or services that are widely used, known about or freely and have the ability to interact  with everyone
  • The SoHo, SMB or SME Business Arenas are too support reliant and will cost us money according to the suppliers
  • The attitude by these suppliers are meaning that the SoHo, SMB or SME Business Arenas are not moving forward as fast as they can because the technology is not freely available
  • The suppliers are holding back not just the economy but growth and business development

The one that really strikes a very sore point is what could be considered either shortsightedness or being greedy/elitist. Either way this must stop and we need to actually work together to create a much better ad stronger economy.

A scenario that could explain this simply, is let’s say, an offering that has universal appeal and a need. The product takes a couple of years to develop, high wages are paid and then a workforce is increased by employing high paid personnel to deliver, sell and support. Let’s say it took two years, then it takes another year to bring to market and make people aware of it, so it is for sale in year four.

Well that all sounds good, but to get the RoI, they need to sell to big companies and above at high prices and quantities that means the number of sales per year will not be vast and in some cases at quantities above what those select clients need.

Yet, wait a minute, this is something available to every person and business but is only on offer to a few and at a high price – isn’t something wrong here and a major fundamental point being missed?


If companies really looked at the market arenas – they are aiming at maybe the Top 3,5 or 7% companies in the business arena and yet the product or service is available to 100% of the business market plus it is also available to the Public who are the next generation of business users – this is where you can actually have and quote in excess of 100%!!!

So, with this company being purely money driven and elitist, at some point, they could end up like so many companies and fail because they haven’t addressed their market correctly.

If they actually stood back and said right we are going to offer this same product and service on let’s say a five tier price plan per week or month (i.e £15, £10, £8, £6 or £4 depending at the level of product) and then offer it singularly from 1 through to 20 and then go up in blocks of 5 or 10 as opposed to offering it in quantities of hundred’s or thousand’s – this would make it so widely available.

What does this deliver?


Sales actually being delivered early in year three and in climbing quantities as opposed to a few large sales maybe by the end of year three or sometime during year four! It could even be possible that the revenue of few large sales by year five actually matching the revenue of lots of smaller by the end of year three!

This is not only seen as being a total success but it is creating a much larger marketplace means people are adopting. Take for example, that of the wheel. If this had purely been kept for one sector – let’s say aeroplanes and no-one else was allowed it – where would we be without bikes, cars, buses, lorries and trains? I know this example is taking things to the extreme, but it a close comparison, as it would mean that traveling to other countries would be restricted and only available to those that can afford it.

In conclusion…..

Suppliers and developers need to actually start looking at other markets and really open their eyes and ears to the people and markets they are ignoring.

The games industry can’t hold back and sell to the few companies to get their RoI or reach mass audiences – they need to sell to everyone.

Another type of scenario, could be Television or Film. You have a book or script and do you go mass market via television or cinema and then download/DVD’s? Both delivery methods are used by the same companies as they either make television programmes, films or both!

So, companies need to take responsibility, and to deliver services and products to everyone! Thus enabling countries to grow and succeed…..

Or, do we have a few clients buying something over-priced that they can’t be use properly, as the masses are using inferior services and products that don’t quite interact/interface with each other?

The choice is your’s but I know what I think is needed……


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Is #WYOD of the future arriving sooner?

Has Google taken a huge step forward in bring WYOD to the forefront even sooner?

#GoogleGlass #Bloomberg #Google #SA #ServiceAddress

With the announcement that over the next few weeks that Google are releasing tools to developers to help them bring forward new App’s and integration of platforms to WOYD‘s – what will this actually mean?

Whist this may start allowing App’s to be more widely available on item’s like Glass and may other devices appearing on the seen, the real question you need to start thinking, this is now but how can I be ready for all this?

Yes the devices can offer the ability to have navigation facilities, be able to record events, take photos, read texts and answer calls, are you thinking behind this? Content marketing is now becoming the real important factor in helping you to get your services, offerings and products known to the wider market but again, are you thinking beyond this?

The opportunity for you to add further developments to how you really promote your company is huge and whilst you may not be able to jump on board with this now, you really need to start laying the foundations.

Many companies and organisations are already having to play catch up by offering daily updates via Social Media, adding and changing photos frequently, the endless possibilities of video integration and even what you are doing now – reading this blog post – many aren’t using blog postings as an added dimension….

Many things are being revealed and discussed at SxSW but will you be taking notice of what is being said, released and shared? This and CeBIT have both seen major announcements this past weekend (8th & 9th of March 2014) plus with Gartner taking placing today and tomorrow (10th & 11th of March 2014) as new ideas, technology and applications are brought to the wider arena.

So, don’t get scared or worried by all this technology, the present is here now……

#IBMSocialBiz #IBMAnalytics #SocBizShakeUp #IBM #SxSW #SA #ServiceAddres


#GoogleGlass #Bloomberg #Google #SA #ServiceAddress

the future is arriving……

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Mobile or Location Social Media – are you there yet?

Social Media via Mobile or Location Marketing………

Have you even considered or thought about this?

#IanCalvert #Ian-Calvert #Service-Address #ServiceAddress #Mobile-Marketing #Social-Media-Process

Following an interesting event last week (Thursday 12th December 2013) with Robert Scoble and then reading his book (co-written with Shel Israel) – Age of Context – it gave us a lot to consider. We had chance to see wearable technology including glasses and goggles to demonstrate how wearable technology is going to become part of our future.

Previously, we have seen and read about pop up displays that can appear on the visors of pilots, displays on the windows or the airplane cockpits or popping up the windscreen of of cars. All these are providing various bits of information including information of the performance of the engines etc together with details like satellite navigation as to where you are going. We have all seen the publicity (whether this is right or wrong) surrounding Google and their Street View recording plus their Maps Application, but have you ever considered where this could all be leading?

Currently (to my knowledge and others I have spoken too), Google do not seem to be planning to re-do this again, well to update these recordings soon or at all, so you have consider when it is used in the future, that the data maybe out of date. But you say roads and locations don’t change – yes you maybe correct but the the businesses filmed may have relocated or closed down, so the image of the place you are looking for, could be wrong…..

Are you putting two and two together yet?

When we were children, we used cut up newspapers, magazines or catalogues to form scrapbooks or collages of the things we wanted, we used a felt tip or pen to mark the photos of what we wanted to identify and leave clues to as to what we wanted as presents or as people do today, posting to the new thing that is “Pinterest” – the modern day version of the previous methods….

You are using the internet (most likely Chrome which happens to be the home of Google) to search for something, it could be items for kitchen, the house or garden; maybe you are looking for clothes – either way, your device you were using for browsing, will have noted the sites you visited and the items you looked at, to enable you to find them faster the next time you look….

As you can see our devices and now applications like Pinterest are becoming today’s version of our scrapbooks or catalogue marking. Do you think this is really happening? Well just think back to something you were looking at recently on line and just see what starts popping up as you are typing in the information to the toolbar or search box….now isn’t that spooky, the details of what you searched for are appearing before you finished typing…..

Now you have TWO and TWO and TWO – what have you got……….

We mentioned wearable technology, Street View/Maps and now internet searches/applications and this all comes together in to the simple formation of Mobile and Location Marketing……

Mobile and Location marketing is becoming the future of linking all the elements together and thus creating the next generation of forming and facilitating our we are marketed to or the way we begin to shop…….

A brief overview from last week’s insight to this, what did it show? How about this for starters:-

  • Showed that the searches we looked at, are stored on our mobile devices.
  • The devices whilst we are out and about, are checking at regular interviews with the internet to download your emails, Facebook/Twitter updates, plus providing data to update all the other applications you have running on your device.
  • Your device it fitted with location services, so via GPS applications are able to pin point your location.
  • At the same time, the internet is holding the details of what businesses are available (if they have placed themselves on-line) or if those companies are on-line promoting themselves, the details of their products and services are placed on-line and being broadcast too.

So, place all four points above together, and then you have everything being delivered to you via a mixture of Mobile and Location marketing. How?

You are driving down the road or walking down the street, when you device pings or an icon appears on your glass; yu then look at the notification, only to be informed that the item you were looking at, is available at X plus has it in stock and is at price Y compared to price Z when you were looking on line.

#IanCalvert #Ian-Calvert #Service-Address #ServiceAddress #Mobile-Marketing #Social-Media-Process #Oakley #Airwave #Googles

With all this in mind, start to think about what you are planning to do next year and in 2015, as wearing technology will be here sooner than you think, plus as we already have mobile devices – the concept above, is not that far away……

#IanCalvert #Ian-Calvert #Service-Address #ServiceAddress #Mobile-Marketing #Social-Media-Process #GoogleGlass

yet how far away are you?

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This is Guest Blog written by Ian Calvert

Are you in front of everyone?

You see me here but can you find me elsewhere?

#IanCalvert #Ian-Calvert #IanMCalvert #Ian-M-Calvert #ServiceAddress #Service-Address #TheSocialPiggy #The-Social-Piggy #SocialMedia #Social-Media

Here you are reading this posting on our blog page which is on our website and you may have noticed is called and you know we are Service Address but are you looking elsewhere….

One of the things, that is something we discover quite often, is that many companies don’t have a consistence presence in place. whilst they say they have their brand but they don’t seem to embrace it. For example, we have the name Service Address not just here, but also on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ amongst so many more – but is it important?

There is two avenues to explore here….

One avenue is that when people are looking for you and they have found your website, they are also wanting to discover more about your company as well as discovering more from your company, so they will be looking for you. If they go on to YouTube we have our channel there and it is the name of Service Address so people can find our channel quite easily. And the same can be said for TwitterFacebookGoogle+  etc etc – now can you say the same? Have you got the various media channels branded in your company name? The major benefit here, is that when people or companies are a specific platform, they can just search for your company name and discover you. It may be just the holding page, a few posts or full of lots of information – either way, they have discovered your presence and this is important. With more and more focus being placed on Content Marketing, by placing your content on the various channels, you will be enable more facilities, platforms and applications to discover you and your company….

The second avenue, is how you deliver the information you want to share with people. This information you have to decide on is how it will be seen not just now or in a few months times but in the future too. This is why it is so important that the placing of information is done correctly, in the right place and by the right name. This may seem straight forward, but what you have to think is the person posting it and how long it you want it to be seen for? Whilst they say that people buy from people, people also want credibility of a company and a brand. So, if you have staff (say for example Paul) promoting your company (in this example Joe’s bakery) on Twitter via @JoesBakeryPaul which happens to be his account, what happens when he leaves? You won’t a) have control over that account as it his and b) all the information he posted on your bakery will be lost. Therefore, you need to make sure that all the accounts that are posted from, are ones created by you (thus you have ownership and control) and branded in your name too, thus the information being posted is your content and related to your company too.


So remember, make sure what is being posted is via:-

  • Platforms in your name
  • Applications in your name
  • Sites in your name
  • Postings are in your company
  • The postings are delivered from facilities owned, maintained and controlled under your companies’ Social Media policy
  • The information posted and shared is only information and related to your company

Thus, with 2014 just starting, quickly identify where you want information posting from and on and even if you may not need other platforms now, you may in the future, so grab those applications,, platforms and sites now with your company or product names on.


For further information on how all this is relevant and how we can help you, call us or complete the form below:-