Are you using Clones or Copiers as opposed to Business Partners?

Are you copying or just doing the same as everyone else?

In today’s world of FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter – one thing is very common… highlight’s everyone doing the same as you!

So, the question is, are you copying or just being a clone of everyone else?

If so, why?

Don’t you have your own voice?


Whilst you may be doing something with a sightly difference spin, are you really being unique?

A couple of classic examples are Facebook and LinkedIn where we are seeing constantly people flooding Twitter with how they can help you with your LinkedIn profile and getting you more sales or Facebook and offering to help you with your Facebook Ad Campaigns. Yet have you noticed a few stand out things……

  • If you look at people promoting LinkedIn and then at their LinkedIn updates, you will see these people just talking to fellow LinkedIn coaches, experts and trainers and sharing the same ideas/thoughts – the real LinkedIn people that you should seek assistance don’t do this!
  • If you look at these same LinkedIn people on their Twitter profiles, it is constantly being flooded with what they offer and little sharing of of other people’s/company’s tweets – showing and sharing other topics besides LinkedIn highlights engagement and the willingness to highlight other things you can offer too!
  • The same can be said with regards to their tweets – there is hardly any engagement there at all – just look and see how long it takes to find tweets where they actually enter into a conversation with someone!
  • The same points above can also be said to people offering Facebook marketing and coaching – is this really the art of engagement?

So, if people are just flooding out your timelines with the same things over and over again, are they really able to understand deep into your business and what the worlds of Digital and Social offer as a whole?

Whilst yes it is good to get and gain help and assistance with both your Facebook and LinkedIn but if this is all they are doing/talking about, are they really the advisors you need?

Some people would say they are experts in their field but are they? Yes, Accountants and Solicitors are experts in their field but can any one really be a Digital or Social expert?

The real Influencers and Experts in these arenas actually don’t scream and shout about this field – they actually create and share content based across aboard spectrum. They are highlight their different elements that you need to have/be aware of to make up the ingredients of their Facebook or LinkedIn offerings for example.

So whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn or any other Social Business Platform’s, make sure you are asking a few simple questions first:-

  • Do you know the audiences that my products and services relate to?
  • Do you know what platforms these audiences use?
  • Do you have knowledge of these sectors/fields within my country?
  • Do you have knowledge of these sectors/fields within my industry sector?
  • Any does this platform fit into the education, work and volunteering life-cycle programme?
  • These platforms have paid services/levels, have you actually used these services/features and can show what they do?

(Note, the reason for the last point, is that for example, with LinkedIn, the majority of Coaches, Experts and Trainers that offer LinkedIn coaching/training have never subscribed to LinkedIn paid offerings. Thus, if they have never brough/paid for LinkedIn’s services, how do can they trully be advising you as to what is right for you and your company when it comes to LinkedIn?).

If you truly are wanting to understand what is happening in the world of Digital and Social – make sure you are really asking the right questions before you engage and invest more money in training and coaching!

Do these people that are wanting you to spend money with them understand and can operate….




The choice is your’s but are you really choosing the right investment in your own, your colleagues and your company’s future?

That’s why we here at Service Address actually understand your company first before showing you and your company what is happening in the world of Digital and Social before between us, establishing your Strategy moving forward into the arena of the #NewWayToWork.

So, if you are wanting to see and discuss how we at Service Address can help you and company with bringing 2020 into 2016 for you, either contact us here or complete the form below:-

Business is changing but are you ready for the change?

An unexpected change occurred on Wednesday (21st of January 2015) when Microsoft bounced back! Not in a small way but in a HUGE way….

Windows 10 - One Product - One Family

People have slated Microsoft for years and like other companies they just haven’t see the bigger picture! These people are screaming and shouting how amazing Google and Android are but they are stuck in this Eco-System closet!

Microsoft are now defining themselves as “One Product – One Family” but the people I am talking about above are seeing what “One Family” means….

Just look at what has happened over the last 18 months with regards to this family…..

Who is this family?

We have seen over this period what many would see as enemies or competitors aren’t seeing this family are seeing – they are….


We seen companies that offer the same services in certain areas really connecting and linking together to share services and products to create “Frienemies” where what could previously be seen as enemies now been friends and this family is…..

Apple, Dropbox, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yahoo

During 2015, we are going to see more and more connectivity between this family and how it will come together and really move your business forward…..

So we have Windows10 going to be appearing across all devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phablet, Mobile and xBoxONE and the same with office2016 – how powerful is this?

Then you are seeing these companies using each other’s back office services, sharing their services and App’s on each other’s platforms and then cross selling each other’s services their own stores as well as sharing Intellectual Property too…

So, combine this 3D and 4D Printing, AI and VR and BOOM – the business world is exploding but is business ready?

And before you laugh – people did this when Microsoft launched the Smartwatch back in 2003 and then cancelled the project in 2008, hang on a minute, all these Smartwatch makers today, are copying this design!

And now they are bringing Hololens and Holostudio – so get ready to have your business turned on it’s head…..

So, buckle up, jump on board and get ready…..

As the future is coming….


Is your business ready……

This article was written for us by Ian CalvertFor more views and opinions of Ian Calvert, the research for other companies that he is looking into or just to learn more about Ian Calvert and how he can help you further, you can visit his website here

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Businesses that can help us – Bloomberg?

With companies (and individuals) looking to be at the forefront of what we need to move forward – are we actually using and making benefit of the companies that can enlighten, not just your company but your staff and yourself too?

The reason I have asked this and written this article, is due to the fact we are always learning and sometimes we can be late to the party with what we learn….

Bloomberg BusinessThat is why I am sharing with you the untapped resource that is Bloomberg and how this company can help you further. Bloomberg to many is just a source of financial information or news but the majority of people are not realising that it can be the forefront provider of News and Technology to your business.

When we wake up in the morning (and I am talking here from the UK), we have the ability to listen to and/or watch Bloomberg sharing the latest business news from 06.00 hrs GMT to 11.00 hrs GMT.

These five hours provide an excellent coverage of the breaking business news along with technology news and updates as well as some fascinating interviews of some of top Business Leaders and Influencers.

Do they have a presence?

Yes they have a great presence with:-

06.00 hrs – 08.00 GMT “Countdown” with Anna Edwards, Mark Barton and Manus Cranny

08.00 hrs – 09.00 GMT “On The Move” with Jonathan Ferro

09.00 hrs – 11.00 hrs GMT “The Pulse” with Francine Lacqua and Guy Johnson

Also, throughout this five hour period, you have:-

Jonathan Ferro who is providing updates on Company Business News and movements on the stock markets

Caroline Hyde – like Jonathan – provides the latest Company Business but with more of a focus on but stories behind the news from these compnies as well as sharing the latest news regarding Technology

Hans Nichols reporting from Germany give the latest news from Companies and Stock Markets across Europe

Caroline Connan is reporting on all topics from across France

Elliott Gotkine also pops up with news on Technology and Company news from Israel too

Is there a reason for highlighting these people and Bloomberg TV?

Yes there is a reason and it is that many of us, when we wake up, we put on BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain or Sky News. Yes, these do cover some business and technology news, but they are not as in-depth, up to date or forward thinking like Bloomberg.

Then, when we arrive at work, we tend to have in our reception areas and/or in our service centres, televisions running with the live feeds from BBC News or Sky News, which actually are just providing the same news on a loop or updating the news stories from what you saw at breakfast. Sometimes they will come out with breaking news but the majority of the time it is all the same news.

If you were to have Bloomberg TV, you would be upto speed as to what is happening with business and technology and give yourself a leading edge over your competitors. This small change is something that can really make an impact to business as they are always ahead.

Now if you are really wanting to get ahead, you can leave Bloomberg TV running all and benefit from two extra shows that will certainly boost you even further – Market Makers and Bloomberg West.

After 11.00 hrs GMT, Bloomberg TV switches over to America and broadcasts news relating to companies based in the US. The reason for suggesting that you stick with Bloomberg TV is that Market Makers – 15.00 hrs GMT to 17.00 hrs GMT have great interviews with companies that have a technology foundation. These interviews will tell you about the latest technology that is happening and in the majority of cases, is news that can be weeks even months ahead of the news channels and programmes like BBC News, Sky News, BBC Click etc etc. So with Stephanie Ruhle and Erik Schatzker, you have Market Makers delivering you the latest technology insights that could be more help for you in laying the foundations for the future growth of your company.

The final point, I would say that could really benefit you, is a programme that is totally focused around Technology and the businesses that are Technology Companies. This show is on from 18.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs GMT and is Bloomberg West hosted by Emily Chang and Cory Johnson. This show is definitely ground breaking for you as it is keeps you really upto date with the breaking news but also the background into the stories that have happened or are breaking.

So I hope this gives you an insight as to why you need to change your channel on your television in your reception or service centres or better still – put a television in your reception area tomorrow and start getting a head of your competitors by being a head of the game….

Well, if there is just one thing that would make this a perfect addition to your business – and this is just my opinion – is if we could could have a total UK and Europe based version of this channel that continued after 11.00 hrs GMT….but we would still get the names from the US and Silicon Valley giving us the latest news and insider track before it was really announced?

Of course we would!

After we are the UK and that is why Bloomberg have their European base here in London…..

To follow more, here are the Twitter details:-

Anna Edwards – Bloomberg TV – Bloomberg West – Caroline Connan – Caroline Hyde – Cory Johnson – Elliott Gotkine – Emily Chang – Erik Schatzker – Francine Lacqua – Hans Nichols – Jonathan Ferro – Mark Barton – Market Makers – Manus Cranny – Stephanie Ruhle

This article was written for us by Ian CalvertFor more views and opinions of Ian Calvert, the research for other companies that he is looking into or just to learn more about Ian Calvert and how he can help you further, you can visit his website here

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LinkedIn – who is right?

How do you appear on LinkedIn?

My LinkedIn Profile

The way you want to be seen?

The way you are told to be seen? 

Or do you actually appear as per how LinkedIn say in their terms and conditions?

This is quite an interesting topic to discuss as it just doesn’t apply to LinkedIn but Facebook too as an example, but what is the answer and is it the one you want?

LinkedIn Profile Incorrect

As per the picture above, adding in extra things like your Company name, your numbers, symbols, special characters, your email, your website or  your telephone number is not permitted by LinkedIn, so the question is why do it? Another way to look at it, would you think it looks Professional if someone apporached you to introduce themselves to you to work with you?

Many people when you ask why they have done their profile like this , say that it is what they have been told to do by other’s, by people who say they are trainers/advisors or from LinkedIn courses they have been on. When it is pointed out to them that this is wrong, they take offence and tell the people that told them to do it like this and then they say that you are trying to damage their business – this is not the case….

What is worst?

A simple question is for you…..

Being told that you doing your profile wrong and advised to change it?


Having your page closed down and you lose everything associated with that page? 

 The following Question and Answer from LinkedIn, is virtually similar to Facebook:-

Will my account become restricted if my name fields are out of compliance?

Yes, listing any of the unacceptable information listed above can lead to account restrictions. We are constantly monitoring the site for profile compliance, and name field violations are subject to flagging and review by the Trust & Safety team.

Therefore, please consider what you are doing with profile whether it is on LinkedIn, Facebook or elsewhere – is your profile and image what the the site/platform requires or stipulates?

To discover more about how your on-line profile should be and what platforms are beneficial for you, either complete the form below or call us on +448719711010:-


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Starting out in business or expanding your business…..

The simple question is, what is your next move?

Are you just going to continue as you are or are you going to look around you to innovate?


Recently one thing has become more and more clear – the amount of people offering advice and trying to entice people and businesses away to themselves with promises of this and that whilst actually doing more damage than good!

Too many people are becoming advisors and experts offering to help you and if you wish to go for quick fix solutions, please do so, but don’t expect to be comparing us with them.

Here at Service Address, we operate on a long term plan and relationship programme. If we accept you and enter into a relationship with you, it because we haven’t sat behind a computer and read things off the internet or watched YouTube videos – we have been there with the key people to take part in the debates and processes to actually understand what is happening.

So, we have programmes and processes in place and moving forward, if you terminate an agreement before the end, unfortunately, we have now taken the decision to say that we will take action to recover the balance of the agreement.

Our work is not a quick dive and do this and that, it is all about planning for the future and foundation building, so if you don’t deliver the information we ask for, then don’t expect us to produce the results you are looking – after-all, we can only deliver results if the information we require is forthcoming from yourselves.

So, when you have got the tools into your toolbox (like mentioned above), then let’s get together and see how we can help you, as by working with our partners across the World ( Yes – that is right, we aren’t just local but Worldwide), we are able to deliver you platform for the future that will take your business to the next level and ahead of the rest….

If you are un-sure what we mean, then watch the Apple Launch video from the 9th of September 2014 to see the foundation building they have provided with Watch and iPhone6 amongst many other things that Tim Cook announced….

So if you wish to work locally, think locally and be advised by local local people – then we wish you the best of luck for the future….

Alternatively, if you want to forward think, be a business for 2020 and beyond, have access to some of the most forward thinking people and businesses Worldwide and understanding partnership development, then we are open to talking to you and your company……


To discuss this more or learn about things that Service Address can offer you, please contact us here, or feel free to comment below:-

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Are you staying inside your box or learning outside the box?

Many businesses are local and operate local – but are you learning from outside the locality or staying the same?

#OutOfTheCity #ThinkOutside #LocalBusiness #LocalBiz

When you look at your business, the majority of businesses operating around you and business generated, is operating within a 5 to 10 mile radius of your locality. The question is, how do you succeed?

You are no doubt (in the majority of cases) purchasing your stock not within walking or bike ride distance but 30, 40, 50 or more miles away – why? Simple, what you need it not local and thus you have had to adapt and source your requirements much further away from. Also, you need to have these services or products delivered to your business and that by purchasing through these companies you can no doubt get better purchasing deals than if you brought directly from the manufacturer.

Now when you look at what you have brought and require, how did you find it?

Did you know these companies?

Were they recommended to you?

Was it via research you found them?

Whichever way it was, the information was sourced from what they had done. How they had positioned their company, services and products? This was all done with the intention of reaching a much wider audience. And it worked – didn’t it? Otherwise you wouldn’t be using them….

So are you taking their approach as to how you promote yourself and your company?

With the majority of businesses maintaining, operating and supplying a customer base within 5 to 10 mile locality – the issue is, so are all the other businesses located around you!!

What are you doing to work with them or for yourself? Quite often the answer is the same – you all use the same local people or person but is this right?

#WhoIsYourAdvisor #WhoIsYourExpert

What they are providing to you, is it exactly the same as your neighbour or competitor around the corner?

Is this right for your business?

Whilst they maybe sat in their home office or office, looking and researching the information to really blow your mind away or make them look knowledgeable, is this the really influential, knowledgeable advice you want?

You need to actually deal and work with advisors who have the experience of working outside of your town or city, attending events, seminars and industry gatherings and in actual physical/verbal communication with the people that actually know what is happening.

When did these people actually meet and attend events with major businesses or industry experts to hear what is going on around the world? So many people actually listen or watch events via YouTube these days, that they feel they are expert – yet the really experts are the ones that were in that room, actually meeting their competitors and Peers to ask and share comments an discussions based around what they hear at that event.

This is not something you are able to get from behind the computer screen or a book! Putting it simply, afterall, anyone can sit behind a computer and do research or exchange on-line messages or emails but can they survive in the real world of business?

#Im-not-an-expert #SocialMedia

If you actually look at many organisations such as newspapers, radio or television, they use these people for their reports or items because they are experts from a research background and can give a balanced view.

However, when they or medium, large or international companies seek advice or require assistance, they actually use people that have worked in industry, in their market sector or are from another part of the country or world with real hands-on experience and knowledge.


Simple – because they are experts, have experience and more important – they have interaction skills that will help their audience and/or business because they travel, speak and deal with companies out their locality or industry.

This means they have the advice that is “really tried and tested” and can actually add not only knowledge but experience to their business.

So, the question – are you prepared to take your business to the next level?

Are you wanting to stand out of your locality with new ideas and deliver new things to attract your local audience?

Well if you are ready to the next step, just ask your “advisor”, “consultant”, “expert” or “trainer” that you have helping you with your business, why not ask these questions:-

        • What they have done besides all their local work?
        • Can you see what they have done with these companies?
        • How much of it is the same as what they are giving you?
        • What events and where were they, that they attended?
        • Which major companies have they and are they currently working with, consulting with or collaborating with?

Afterall, don’t you want to stand from the crowd and be able to offer your local audience something different? If you are different and local, your local audience will be willing to pay that little bit extra as opposed to using the major companies/chains as you are actually reaching out to them – just like your suppliers reached out to you!

And we haven’t even touched on Location Marketing utilising BLE or NFC…..let’s save that for another day…..

#Blue-Sky-Thinking #Out-Of-The-Box-Thinking #Boardroom

So, isn’t it time you used  “Blue Sky Thinking” and/or “Outside of the Box Thinking” to bring into your boardroom to promote your business via using “Outside of Your Locality Experts” to really assist and help move your business forward locally…..


This Guest Blog was written by Ian Calvert and for further information, you can visit his website here or alternatively, if you want to discuss this more or what we can do for either you or your business, then please complete the form below:-

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Are Big Companies Holding Small Companies back?

When will David versus Goliath end?

#BigCompanies #SmallCompanies


After many years of being in business, around business owners, decision makers and purchasing people, it still seems that Big Business is still enjoying the mantel of what could be considered to holding business back…..

Following attending several events over the last few months, something that really stood out, that in this economic climate, is still a real case of us and them – yet why?

Not going into the full details because that would be too specific, but what I will overview is something covers many aspects of so many businesses.

The requirement:-

  • A product or service is required on a regular basis allowing the client to utilise these products or services for use or re-sale  every day that there are in operation.
  • This product or service is just one part of the business so either single or small quantities are required
  • This product or service is one that could be offered to virtually everybody to use and the client is wanting to start being involved

The solution:-

  • The supplier being able to supply the product or service to every possible business and make it freely available with no limitations
  • Offer the product or service as per required based on what is needed. i.e. whether it is 1,2,7,34, 85, 162 or 1487 units across the SoHo, SMB, SME, Medium, Large, Corporate or Multi-National Business Arenas
  • Offer the exact same service or product to each one of those business arenas on a tiered platform offering

The reality:-

  • The service or product is only available in the quantities we – the supplier – dictate and aren’t prepared to budge
  • This is the price and we demand it as we have our costs to meet and thus we can cherry-pick the business arenas we operate in
  • The reluctance of the suppliers to adapt, mean other suppliers come to the market provide inferior products at the a lower price point or free
  • The battle becomes that the SoHo, SMB or SME Business Arenas have to battle through the pain of changing to free and payable products or services that are widely used, known about or freely and have the ability to interact  with everyone
  • The SoHo, SMB or SME Business Arenas are too support reliant and will cost us money according to the suppliers
  • The attitude by these suppliers are meaning that the SoHo, SMB or SME Business Arenas are not moving forward as fast as they can because the technology is not freely available
  • The suppliers are holding back not just the economy but growth and business development

The one that really strikes a very sore point is what could be considered either shortsightedness or being greedy/elitist. Either way this must stop and we need to actually work together to create a much better ad stronger economy.

A scenario that could explain this simply, is let’s say, an offering that has universal appeal and a need. The product takes a couple of years to develop, high wages are paid and then a workforce is increased by employing high paid personnel to deliver, sell and support. Let’s say it took two years, then it takes another year to bring to market and make people aware of it, so it is for sale in year four.

Well that all sounds good, but to get the RoI, they need to sell to big companies and above at high prices and quantities that means the number of sales per year will not be vast and in some cases at quantities above what those select clients need.

Yet, wait a minute, this is something available to every person and business but is only on offer to a few and at a high price – isn’t something wrong here and a major fundamental point being missed?


If companies really looked at the market arenas – they are aiming at maybe the Top 3,5 or 7% companies in the business arena and yet the product or service is available to 100% of the business market plus it is also available to the Public who are the next generation of business users – this is where you can actually have and quote in excess of 100%!!!

So, with this company being purely money driven and elitist, at some point, they could end up like so many companies and fail because they haven’t addressed their market correctly.

If they actually stood back and said right we are going to offer this same product and service on let’s say a five tier price plan per week or month (i.e £15, £10, £8, £6 or £4 depending at the level of product) and then offer it singularly from 1 through to 20 and then go up in blocks of 5 or 10 as opposed to offering it in quantities of hundred’s or thousand’s – this would make it so widely available.

What does this deliver?


Sales actually being delivered early in year three and in climbing quantities as opposed to a few large sales maybe by the end of year three or sometime during year four! It could even be possible that the revenue of few large sales by year five actually matching the revenue of lots of smaller by the end of year three!

This is not only seen as being a total success but it is creating a much larger marketplace means people are adopting. Take for example, that of the wheel. If this had purely been kept for one sector – let’s say aeroplanes and no-one else was allowed it – where would we be without bikes, cars, buses, lorries and trains? I know this example is taking things to the extreme, but it a close comparison, as it would mean that traveling to other countries would be restricted and only available to those that can afford it.

In conclusion…..

Suppliers and developers need to actually start looking at other markets and really open their eyes and ears to the people and markets they are ignoring.

The games industry can’t hold back and sell to the few companies to get their RoI or reach mass audiences – they need to sell to everyone.

Another type of scenario, could be Television or Film. You have a book or script and do you go mass market via television or cinema and then download/DVD’s? Both delivery methods are used by the same companies as they either make television programmes, films or both!

So, companies need to take responsibility, and to deliver services and products to everyone! Thus enabling countries to grow and succeed…..

Or, do we have a few clients buying something over-priced that they can’t be use properly, as the masses are using inferior services and products that don’t quite interact/interface with each other?

The choice is your’s but I know what I think is needed……


This Guest Blog was written by Ian Calvert and for further information, you can visit his website here or alternatively, if you want to discuss this more or what we can do for either you or your business, then please complete the form below:-