Businesses that can help us – Bloomberg?

With companies (and individuals) looking to be at the forefront of what we need to move forward – are we actually using and making benefit of the companies that can enlighten, not just your company but your staff and yourself too?

The reason I have asked this and written this article, is due to the fact we are always learning and sometimes we can be late to the party with what we learn….

Bloomberg BusinessThat is why I am sharing with you the untapped resource that is Bloomberg and how this company can help you further. Bloomberg to many is just a source of financial information or news but the majority of people are not realising that it can be the forefront provider of News and Technology to your business.

When we wake up in the morning (and I am talking here from the UK), we have the ability to listen to and/or watch Bloomberg sharing the latest business news from 06.00 hrs GMT to 11.00 hrs GMT.

These five hours provide an excellent coverage of the breaking business news along with technology news and updates as well as some fascinating interviews of some of top Business Leaders and Influencers.

Do they have a presence?

Yes they have a great presence with:-

06.00 hrs – 08.00 GMT “Countdown” with Anna Edwards, Mark Barton and Manus Cranny

08.00 hrs – 09.00 GMT “On The Move” with Jonathan Ferro

09.00 hrs – 11.00 hrs GMT “The Pulse” with Francine Lacqua and Guy Johnson

Also, throughout this five hour period, you have:-

Jonathan Ferro who is providing updates on Company Business News and movements on the stock markets

Caroline Hyde – like Jonathan – provides the latest Company Business but with more of a focus on but stories behind the news from these compnies as well as sharing the latest news regarding Technology

Hans Nichols reporting from Germany give the latest news from Companies and Stock Markets across Europe

Caroline Connan is reporting on all topics from across France

Elliott Gotkine also pops up with news on Technology and Company news from Israel too

Is there a reason for highlighting these people and Bloomberg TV?

Yes there is a reason and it is that many of us, when we wake up, we put on BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain or Sky News. Yes, these do cover some business and technology news, but they are not as in-depth, up to date or forward thinking like Bloomberg.

Then, when we arrive at work, we tend to have in our reception areas and/or in our service centres, televisions running with the live feeds from BBC News or Sky News, which actually are just providing the same news on a loop or updating the news stories from what you saw at breakfast. Sometimes they will come out with breaking news but the majority of the time it is all the same news.

If you were to have Bloomberg TV, you would be upto speed as to what is happening with business and technology and give yourself a leading edge over your competitors. This small change is something that can really make an impact to business as they are always ahead.

Now if you are really wanting to get ahead, you can leave Bloomberg TV running all and benefit from two extra shows that will certainly boost you even further – Market Makers and Bloomberg West.

After 11.00 hrs GMT, Bloomberg TV switches over to America and broadcasts news relating to companies based in the US. The reason for suggesting that you stick with Bloomberg TV is that Market Makers – 15.00 hrs GMT to 17.00 hrs GMT have great interviews with companies that have a technology foundation. These interviews will tell you about the latest technology that is happening and in the majority of cases, is news that can be weeks even months ahead of the news channels and programmes like BBC News, Sky News, BBC Click etc etc. So with Stephanie Ruhle and Erik Schatzker, you have Market Makers delivering you the latest technology insights that could be more help for you in laying the foundations for the future growth of your company.

The final point, I would say that could really benefit you, is a programme that is totally focused around Technology and the businesses that are Technology Companies. This show is on from 18.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs GMT and is Bloomberg West hosted by Emily Chang and Cory Johnson. This show is definitely ground breaking for you as it is keeps you really upto date with the breaking news but also the background into the stories that have happened or are breaking.

So I hope this gives you an insight as to why you need to change your channel on your television in your reception or service centres or better still – put a television in your reception area tomorrow and start getting a head of your competitors by being a head of the game….

Well, if there is just one thing that would make this a perfect addition to your business – and this is just my opinion – is if we could could have a total UK and Europe based version of this channel that continued after 11.00 hrs GMT….but we would still get the names from the US and Silicon Valley giving us the latest news and insider track before it was really announced?

Of course we would!

After we are the UK and that is why Bloomberg have their European base here in London…..

To follow more, here are the Twitter details:-

Anna Edwards – Bloomberg TV – Bloomberg West – Caroline Connan – Caroline Hyde – Cory Johnson – Elliott Gotkine – Emily Chang – Erik Schatzker – Francine Lacqua – Hans Nichols – Jonathan Ferro – Mark Barton – Market Makers – Manus Cranny – Stephanie Ruhle

This article was written for us by Ian CalvertFor more views and opinions of Ian Calvert, the research for other companies that he is looking into or just to learn more about Ian Calvert and how he can help you further, you can visit his website here

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Starting out in business or expanding your business…..

The simple question is, what is your next move?

Are you just going to continue as you are or are you going to look around you to innovate?


Recently one thing has become more and more clear – the amount of people offering advice and trying to entice people and businesses away to themselves with promises of this and that whilst actually doing more damage than good!

Too many people are becoming advisors and experts offering to help you and if you wish to go for quick fix solutions, please do so, but don’t expect to be comparing us with them.

Here at Service Address, we operate on a long term plan and relationship programme. If we accept you and enter into a relationship with you, it because we haven’t sat behind a computer and read things off the internet or watched YouTube videos – we have been there with the key people to take part in the debates and processes to actually understand what is happening.

So, we have programmes and processes in place and moving forward, if you terminate an agreement before the end, unfortunately, we have now taken the decision to say that we will take action to recover the balance of the agreement.

Our work is not a quick dive and do this and that, it is all about planning for the future and foundation building, so if you don’t deliver the information we ask for, then don’t expect us to produce the results you are looking – after-all, we can only deliver results if the information we require is forthcoming from yourselves.

So, when you have got the tools into your toolbox (like mentioned above), then let’s get together and see how we can help you, as by working with our partners across the World ( Yes – that is right, we aren’t just local but Worldwide), we are able to deliver you platform for the future that will take your business to the next level and ahead of the rest….

If you are un-sure what we mean, then watch the Apple Launch video from the 9th of September 2014 to see the foundation building they have provided with Watch and iPhone6 amongst many other things that Tim Cook announced….

So if you wish to work locally, think locally and be advised by local local people – then we wish you the best of luck for the future….

Alternatively, if you want to forward think, be a business for 2020 and beyond, have access to some of the most forward thinking people and businesses Worldwide and understanding partnership development, then we are open to talking to you and your company……


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Are the Government right to be lead by big companies?

Why is London important?

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Is it really important?

Take a step back and just look at London and you see all the banks, financial institutions, clearing houses, accountants and consultancy companies all with links and connections to HM Government (and yes Political parties too) in what can only be seen as dictating or influencing them – yet is this right? Many would say yes as they are the experts to offer all this advise and support to them and deliver what is needed. Really – more spin? Just look at last weekend, there was a report in Telegraph Newspaper by Szu Ping Chan

#GeorgeOsborne #Telegraph #SA #ServiceAddress #Budget #Tax

MPs shed doubt on George Osborne’s tax-avoidance blitz

Treasury Select Committee says Treasury calculations of potential income are “inherently extremely uncertain”

The main interesting point here is that Osborne set a group to investigate in to making tax simpler! Yes you read right! The interesting thing though, is that people sitting there and looking into this are the same major companies that help companies and individuals to utilise Tax Schemes to help either avoid or evade paying tax depending which way you take your view on these schemes.

So what does this have to do with London? Simply that if you look at everything – it is all focused around London. They say one of these reason is that most companies are set up in London – WRONG!! When you set up companies, you normally use Accountants or Solicitors who then in turn use formation companies to deal with Companies House or you use a London address to have your Registered Office located. So, really in actual truth – companies may appear to be set in up London but they actually aren’t! Again, London seeming to be the main place when it is not….

All of which really says too much about how we rely too much on London and then in turn feel that we have to trust what is being done in London! If Osborne wanted to actually make business here in the UK more successful – he needs to get his own house in order….


      • get rid of all these overpaid advisors working for big firms as they are advising him the way they can help their clients who in turn make more money without paying tax
      • The removal of these companies and actually will mean he will need to look to the really business makers who are actually the ones that drive and make this country succeed:-
                • Self-employed
                • Small Medium Business
                • Small Medium Enterprises
      • These people and companies are the ones that have staff that are struggling to survive in today’s economic climate due to the big companies and rich individuals avoiding/evading paying tax like these workers do
      • These advisors really need to actually be brought under control and Osborne needs to simplify tax and he doesn’t need these advisors around him! It is pure and simple – remove all these allowances and facilities that companies and the rich are allowed

They say that rich individuals can get tax breaks by employing nanny’s/house keepers/childminders to look after their children – do the ordinary workers get this? No, they don’t. So, if the real workers have to find the money and try survive, then so should the high earners too. These workers are driving the country and right they are being penalised whereas the high earners are finding every way to reduce the amount they pay in tax…

If you look at overall earning at the end of a financial year, you will see the ordinary all roughly pay the same percentage pence on the pound as each other. Yet through all these wonderful allowances and schemes, the high earners (just look at celebrities, footballers and bankers amongst many) who are actually paying less pence in the pound than the real workers are the ones who actually keep these high earners in jobs!! Just look at the ordinary workers who are so passionate about football, that make sacrifices to buy tickets to games (which is one of the most expensive pastimes these days) to watch these footballers who are paid more in a year (well some in a week) than some of these workers may ever earn in the next 10 years or more….

Again, look at all these workers struggling to actually find a place to live (let alone ever buy) because rents are way so high. More often the landlords are business people are using schemes to again find ways to reduce what they pay in tax to re-invest into buying properties to make more at the expense of pay tax in more ways. Other recent reports are showing that it is actually cheaper to buy a house than rent, but the ordinary workers can’t do this as houses are way outside of their price brackets!

Yet, these advisors are in turn saying that to get the country back on it’s feet in one aspect is to build more houses and then people will buy and this is from developers and companies that are using schemes/allowances to reduce what they pay in tax but the houses they build aren’t affordable by the ordinary workers….

So, let’s make things simpler Mr Osborne:-

    • Remove the allowances to make it a level playing field for everyone paying tax
    • Abolish all schemes that allow you to avoid/evade paying tax
    • Make every one pay the same amount in tax so that we can see that percentage we are paying the correct the correct amount i.e if you earn over £41,000 pa – every pound over that amount you actually pay 40% in tax
    • Stop people being allowed to set themselves up as companies to pay lower taxes i.e. why do people employed by a company need to be employed as a contractor through their own company to reduce their tax bill? Isn’t this unfair on the people working around them?

So, if we take these simple easy steps, let’s actually see how much the income via tax increases for you Mr Osborne and then you can actually start looking at supporting companies in other parts of the UK where there is a great amount of skill going to waste because everyone thinks of London ….

Another classic example for you to think about is Shoreditch – why does this part of London have to be the “Silicon Valley” of the UK? We have companies that are really starting well in the Technology sector all around the UK including a great IT village environment that is starting to appear in and around the city of Manchester

So, Mr Osborne, ditch those advisors and start dealing with the real businesses here in the UK…..and you never know, people may start trusting Politicians again as you will be making all these big companies like AmazonBarclays BankeBay,  FacebookGoogleStarbucksTop Shopvodafone,  etc, etc start paying real tax NOT a gesture…….

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Is #WYOD of the future arriving sooner?

Has Google taken a huge step forward in bring WYOD to the forefront even sooner?

#GoogleGlass #Bloomberg #Google #SA #ServiceAddress

With the announcement that over the next few weeks that Google are releasing tools to developers to help them bring forward new App’s and integration of platforms to WOYD‘s – what will this actually mean?

Whist this may start allowing App’s to be more widely available on item’s like Glass and may other devices appearing on the seen, the real question you need to start thinking, this is now but how can I be ready for all this?

Yes the devices can offer the ability to have navigation facilities, be able to record events, take photos, read texts and answer calls, are you thinking behind this? Content marketing is now becoming the real important factor in helping you to get your services, offerings and products known to the wider market but again, are you thinking beyond this?

The opportunity for you to add further developments to how you really promote your company is huge and whilst you may not be able to jump on board with this now, you really need to start laying the foundations.

Many companies and organisations are already having to play catch up by offering daily updates via Social Media, adding and changing photos frequently, the endless possibilities of video integration and even what you are doing now – reading this blog post – many aren’t using blog postings as an added dimension….

Many things are being revealed and discussed at SxSW but will you be taking notice of what is being said, released and shared? This and CeBIT have both seen major announcements this past weekend (8th & 9th of March 2014) plus with Gartner taking placing today and tomorrow (10th & 11th of March 2014) as new ideas, technology and applications are brought to the wider arena.

So, don’t get scared or worried by all this technology, the present is here now……

#IBMSocialBiz #IBMAnalytics #SocBizShakeUp #IBM #SxSW #SA #ServiceAddres


#GoogleGlass #Bloomberg #Google #SA #ServiceAddress

the future is arriving……

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Is the BBC worthy of us being their audience?

Who are the BBC?

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Are they just an a bunch of over-paid Executives and ex-Political people?

We seem to come across yet another massive mistake which seems to becoming a regular occurrence at the BBC these days and now the next one is their decision to cancel a television channel move it on-line! and put it purely on-line! Why? Well who really knows…..well here is the email to the BBC staff on the subject.

Yet Tony Hall believes this is the right way to go in this statement but this is from someone so far removed from reality it is untrue! Surrounded by by consultants and advisors (and the odd ex-MP thrown into) – this huge funded group do not understand anything more….

A surprising point is that by closing BBCthree it will allow them to open a BBC1+1 channel! Really? Why? Oh I forgot, they have the most used and developed player in the industry called BBC iPlayer but it seems this isn’t enough! In essence, they are now creating a channel that repeats televisions an hour later and guess what, most the shows being shown +1 are repeats anyway.

The time has come to actually take the likes of Tony Hall, James Purnell etc etc to task and question are they suitability for running the BBC and not just the senior personnel, but everyone surrounding them. Do we actually need people paid so much money in a market arena where they are clearly not understanding it.

Yes they need to have the best in field but it seems the best is been produced these days by people who left the BBC and set up on their own to produce the same programmes back to the BBC. These shows are hugely successful – just look at Jeremy Clarkson! Love him or hate him, he has through his own company (which most of it he has sold) taken Top Gear totally global and made it one of the biggest formatted shows around the world and a huge revenue generator for BBCWorldwide.

#BBC #MediaCity #SalfordSo, if we took this as a normal business, things would never be allowed to operate the way they are at the BBC! The massive development of  Media City facility inSalford is one example which has involved paying staff to re-locate there or pay staff to commute and stay there whilst filming shows. In a normal business, you either move, stay or get another job. Whilst presenters are being paid six figure salaries they should pay themselves to travel like in a normal job. The amazing thing is when you look at this further, some staff work on shows five days a week, whilst some staff only three of the five days on the same show – why? Another example of wasting taxpayers and licence fee payers money? Did they really need to move and spend so much here?

New Broadcasting House 2

And what about the new complex – New Broadcasting House in London was this needed in this location or could have been done in more suitable location? Whilst we are focusing on Public Transport, what about people, bands etc that may need to bring cars, coaches, lorries etc? Was this really factored in and how much extra did this cost because of where it is located?


Without high overpaid consultants and consultancy companies getting involved, when will the BBC be reviewed and taken to task like any other normal business would? If we are – as businesses – to survive and succeed, then surely organisations like the BBC should be setting examples and showing the way forward. If they allowing many people to leave and set up their companies to make successful programmes (at a profit to themselves) and at the right price for the BBC, why can’t the management of the BBC grasp this? So, Tony HallJames Purnell etc etc – it is time for you all to step up to the mark and be held to account…..

And this is without debating about complaint from last month raised by Gregory Campbell in the Houses of Parliament:-

BBC ‘hiding behind veil of secrecy’ over complaints

Gregory Campbell said BBC NI had been asked for the number and breakdown of complaints about programmes

Gregory Campbell said BBC NI had been asked for the number and breakdown of complaints about programmes. An MP has accused the BBC of “hiding behind a veil of secrecy” in relation to complaints. Gregory Campbell said BBC NI had been asked for the number and breakdown of complaints about programmes, under the Freedom of Information Act.


Don’t let BBCthree close and move on-line – leave and put it on-line! This can be done as a classic example is Bloomberg TV…..and that is another debating point for another….how the BBC has lost it’s way with the News and Business reporting….

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All changes are coming to conclusion and ready for 2014…..

Well, we are sorry for lack of updates – well actually none at all – but we are now nearing conclusion of our re-alignments and re-positioning of various interests.

Service Address is a fully operational company which provides and undertakes the following:-

  • Mentoring of individuals and company staff
  • Speaking Engagements for both individuals and businesses
  • The provision of Consultancy Services
  • The provision of Cost Reduction and Purchasing Services
  • The provision of Management Services
  • The provision of Sales Management

Also, we will be providing weekly articles and blogs to both individuals and companies to share information, news updates and business information that we feel will be benefit and assistance to you.

The operation of providing specific product and service training services is now all being provide by The Social Piggy and the associate Piggy’s within whilst business promotion is being undertaken The Directory Piggy.

More and more information s going to be released over the next few weeks which explain more and we trust that everything you will see and discover is clear for you.

We hope you have had a good 2013 and looking forward to sharing many articles and blogs as well as working with you in 2014

Online and up & running…..or are we….

Welcome to Service Address and our first blog and one just to keep you abreast of what the plans are that lie ahead…..

Over the next twelve to eighteen months, we will be changing many things are around all the associate businesses which will involve closing down some areas and merging parts within other operations.

By the end of 2013, we will have three clear divisions/strands to our operations and in turn be able to deliver help and assistance to any business ranging from the SoHo business through SME, Medium, Large, Corporate or International businesses; plus maybe a fourth dependent on market conditions and discussions with various organisations.

Trusting that everything develops as planned, 2014 will deliver the facility of Service Address being there to help either the individual or business/organisation with mentoring support and assistance. We have chosen five keystones covering of:-

  • Dream
  • Conception
  • Development
  • Growth
  • Finalisation

All of which will be explained not just here but on the development and growth by moving various arms and strands into The Social Piggy and The Directory PigPen over the next eighteen months. The development of these two brands will offer a lot to individuals and businesses, so please do follow them and keep seeing at what they can offer you.

So, please bare with us and join us on the joining through to the end of 2013 where 2014 will see the emergence of assistance, help, support and development not only for the individual but the business community too.