Automation – are you considering the impact this will have on employment?

We were going to share/write about this before #GE2017 but we thought we’d wait to see if any Party or Politician would actually raise this and guess what… did!!
For us, this is something that all parties really need to start discussing and addressing NOW otherwise, left to the last minute, the costs and repercussions could be extremely high!
Whichever way you look at it, Technology has caused many job losses in the Car and Manufacturing industries from where the levels of employment were in the 1970’s and we had to adapt quickly but still we had high numbers of unemployment.
With the next wave of Technology coming each and every day, unemployment will start rising and add in the number of Graduates leaving education with limited job opportunity, the issue will start becoming more of question where the answers are limited at the moment…
So do we have any Politicians or Party that is actually prepared to step up and acknowledge/address this issue, just like Gavin Newsom is starting to do so in California?

If you are unsure what the implications of Robotics and advances in Technology will mean for your business or business sector, then you really need to be looking in to this. If you are wanting to understand this further, then we can help you. To understand more about what this means and how your company needs to be protected, then complete the form below and we will help you to take the right steps in moving forward.