Are you still marketing? Where is your engagement?

The interesting thing when you look around – is all the adverts……

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Everywhere we go, it seems like the rise of advertising just doesn’t stop, but do we want it to?

Do we constantly want to be sold to?

Just take a step back and consider – do you want to be sold to?

              • Are you happy to get all those marketing telephone calls?
              • Are you happy to be receiving all those unsolicited emails??
              • Do you like people knocking on your door trying to sell you something?

Do I want you selling to myself?

Think about the last time you went into a shop – what did you do? You looked around to see what you wanted and if you couldn’t find it or wanted some more information, you asked someone for help.

By asking for help or information, you are engaging with that person and thus, you are starting a discussion or dialogue with that person. So, effectively, you are creating engagement and allowing that person to show their knowledge and this in turns leads to them starting to influence yourself.

Turning this back to yourself, when you are trying to sell to prospective clients or up-sell your clients all your items, products or services – you aren’t selling, you are showing them the “Features and Benefits” that these can offer, coupled with your knowledge and hence you are trying to influence them.

Whether you think it or not, you are leveraging your influence over them as afterall, and as the saying goes….

“People buy from people”

By sharing your influence, you are engaging and thus in turn, when these people speak to other people, they are spreading the word of what you do and how impressed they were with you. So your engagement and influence has thus started to spread and create an expansion to your circle of influence.

With your circle of influence expanding, people are more interested in what you know and how you can help them as opposed to you being known as a sales person!

This is something that has been around for a very long time, but there was disruption that occurred and this was called the internet and the various platforms that arose such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

To many, this was an ‘Anti-Social’ thing that had appeared and had stopped people engaging (ie talking to each other!). With the rise of the internet and this ‘Anti-Social’ behaviour was becoming more and more apparent but actually, it wasn’t ‘Anti-Social’ afterall, it was just another way of using engaging with each other – it just happened that each other, was people we didn’t know that lived some distance from us, if not on the other side of the world!

As this communication became more and more apparent, people begin to see it as the latest version of the early days of commercial radio and television – an advertising medium…..and hence the rise of the name…..

Social Media

This name became apparent as people used this medium as way to sell and promote themselves to a much wider audience! Then you had the rise of people then becoming Internet Marketeers, Web Marketers and SEO Specialists – effectively offering companies  the chance/opportunity to come up at the top, close to the top or on the first page of search engines when people are searching for the items, products and services you offer.

Skip forward several years and what is happening?

People are being sold to again and they don’t like it!!

But why and how?

      • People are getting emails through from companies they have dealt with (but a company has shared or sold their email address)
      • You are then getting telephone calls, automated calls or text messages (again as people have shared or sold your telephone number)
      • When you are looking on Facebook or your search engine, you are seeing adverts appear in your timeline, search results or at the side of the page (all due to data being captured based on your internet activity and history)!

With us coming full circle and back to being sold to, you need to go online and do what you actually do in person – you need to start interacting, engaging and influencing with your audience!

This interaction, engagement and influence is called……….. Social Business – so, with Social Media being dead and in the past, make sure you are starting to doing what you do in real life:-




As without all this, you won’t have a

Social Business

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