Are you staying inside your box or learning outside the box?

Many businesses are local and operate local – but are you learning from outside the locality or staying the same?

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When you look at your business, the majority of businesses operating around you and business generated, is operating within a 5 to 10 mile radius of your locality. The question is, how do you succeed?

You are no doubt (in the majority of cases) purchasing your stock not within walking or bike ride distance but 30, 40, 50 or more miles away – why? Simple, what you need it not local and thus you have had to adapt and source your requirements much further away from. Also, you need to have these services or products delivered to your business and that by purchasing through these companies you can no doubt get better purchasing deals than if you brought directly from the manufacturer.

Now when you look at what you have brought and require, how did you find it?

Did you know these companies?

Were they recommended to you?

Was it via research you found them?

Whichever way it was, the information was sourced from what they had done. How they had positioned their company, services and products? This was all done with the intention of reaching a much wider audience. And it worked – didn’t it? Otherwise you wouldn’t be using them….

So are you taking their approach as to how you promote yourself and your company?

With the majority of businesses maintaining, operating and supplying a customer base within 5 to 10 mile locality – the issue is, so are all the other businesses located around you!!

What are you doing to work with them or for yourself? Quite often the answer is the same – you all use the same local people or person but is this right?

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What they are providing to you, is it exactly the same as your neighbour or competitor around the corner?

Is this right for your business?

Whilst they maybe sat in their home office or office, looking and researching the information to really blow your mind away or make them look knowledgeable, is this the really influential, knowledgeable advice you want?

You need to actually deal and work with advisors who have the experience of working outside of your town or city, attending events, seminars and industry gatherings and in actual physical/verbal communication with the people that actually know what is happening.

When did these people actually meet and attend events with major businesses or industry experts to hear what is going on around the world? So many people actually listen or watch events via YouTube these days, that they feel they are expert – yet the really experts are the ones that were in that room, actually meeting their competitors and Peers to ask and share comments an discussions based around what they hear at that event.

This is not something you are able to get from behind the computer screen or a book! Putting it simply, afterall, anyone can sit behind a computer and do research or exchange on-line messages or emails but can they survive in the real world of business?

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If you actually look at many organisations such as newspapers, radio or television, they use these people for their reports or items because they are experts from a research background and can give a balanced view.

However, when they or medium, large or international companies seek advice or require assistance, they actually use people that have worked in industry, in their market sector or are from another part of the country or world with real hands-on experience and knowledge.


Simple – because they are experts, have experience and more important – they have interaction skills that will help their audience and/or business because they travel, speak and deal with companies out their locality or industry.

This means they have the advice that is “really tried and tested” and can actually add not only knowledge but experience to their business.

So, the question – are you prepared to take your business to the next level?

Are you wanting to stand out of your locality with new ideas and deliver new things to attract your local audience?

Well if you are ready to the next step, just ask your “advisor”, “consultant”, “expert” or “trainer” that you have helping you with your business, why not ask these questions:-

        • What they have done besides all their local work?
        • Can you see what they have done with these companies?
        • How much of it is the same as what they are giving you?
        • What events and where were they, that they attended?
        • Which major companies have they and are they currently working with, consulting with or collaborating with?

Afterall, don’t you want to stand from the crowd and be able to offer your local audience something different? If you are different and local, your local audience will be willing to pay that little bit extra as opposed to using the major companies/chains as you are actually reaching out to them – just like your suppliers reached out to you!

And we haven’t even touched on Location Marketing utilising BLE or NFC…..let’s save that for another day…..

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So, isn’t it time you used  “Blue Sky Thinking” and/or “Outside of the Box Thinking” to bring into your boardroom to promote your business via using “Outside of Your Locality Experts” to really assist and help move your business forward locally…..


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