Is #WYOD of the future arriving sooner?

Has Google taken a huge step forward in bring WYOD to the forefront even sooner?

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With the announcement that over the next few weeks that Google are releasing tools to developers to help them bring forward new App’s and integration of platforms to WOYD‘s – what will this actually mean?

Whist this may start allowing App’s to be more widely available on item’s like Glass and may other devices appearing on the seen, the real question you need to start thinking, this is now but how can I be ready for all this?

Yes the devices can offer the ability to have navigation facilities, be able to record events, take photos, read texts and answer calls, are you thinking behind this? Content marketing is now becoming the real important factor in helping you to get your services, offerings and products known to the wider market but again, are you thinking beyond this?

The opportunity for you to add further developments to how you really promote your company is huge and whilst you may not be able to jump on board with this now, you really need to start laying the foundations.

Many companies and organisations are already having to play catch up by offering daily updates via Social Media, adding and changing photos frequently, the endless possibilities of video integration and even what you are doing now – reading this blog post – many aren’t using blog postings as an added dimension….

Many things are being revealed and discussed at SxSW but will you be taking notice of what is being said, released and shared? This and CeBIT have both seen major announcements this past weekend (8th & 9th of March 2014) plus with Gartner taking placing today and tomorrow (10th & 11th of March 2014) as new ideas, technology and applications are brought to the wider arena.

So, don’t get scared or worried by all this technology, the present is here now……

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#GoogleGlass #Bloomberg #Google #SA #ServiceAddress

the future is arriving……

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