Is the BBC worthy of us being their audience?

Who are the BBC?

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Are they just an a bunch of over-paid Executives and ex-Political people?

We seem to come across yet another massive mistake which seems to becoming a regular occurrence at the BBC these days and now the next one is their decision to cancel a television channel move it on-line! and put it purely on-line! Why? Well who really knows…..well here is the email to the BBC staff on the subject.

Yet Tony Hall believes this is the right way to go in this statement but this is from someone so far removed from reality it is untrue! Surrounded by by consultants and advisors (and the odd ex-MP thrown into) – this huge funded group do not understand anything more….

A surprising point is that by closing BBCthree it will allow them to open a BBC1+1 channel! Really? Why? Oh I forgot, they have the most used and developed player in the industry called BBC iPlayer but it seems this isn’t enough! In essence, they are now creating a channel that repeats televisions an hour later and guess what, most the shows being shown +1 are repeats anyway.

The time has come to actually take the likes of Tony Hall, James Purnell etc etc to task and question are they suitability for running the BBC and not just the senior personnel, but everyone surrounding them. Do we actually need people paid so much money in a market arena where they are clearly not understanding it.

Yes they need to have the best in field but it seems the best is been produced these days by people who left the BBC and set up on their own to produce the same programmes back to the BBC. These shows are hugely successful – just look at Jeremy Clarkson! Love him or hate him, he has through his own company (which most of it he has sold) taken Top Gear totally global and made it one of the biggest formatted shows around the world and a huge revenue generator for BBCWorldwide.

#BBC #MediaCity #SalfordSo, if we took this as a normal business, things would never be allowed to operate the way they are at the BBC! The massive development of  Media City facility inSalford is one example which has involved paying staff to re-locate there or pay staff to commute and stay there whilst filming shows. In a normal business, you either move, stay or get another job. Whilst presenters are being paid six figure salaries they should pay themselves to travel like in a normal job. The amazing thing is when you look at this further, some staff work on shows five days a week, whilst some staff only three of the five days on the same show – why? Another example of wasting taxpayers and licence fee payers money? Did they really need to move and spend so much here?

New Broadcasting House 2

And what about the new complex – New Broadcasting House in London was this needed in this location or could have been done in more suitable location? Whilst we are focusing on Public Transport, what about people, bands etc that may need to bring cars, coaches, lorries etc? Was this really factored in and how much extra did this cost because of where it is located?


Without high overpaid consultants and consultancy companies getting involved, when will the BBC be reviewed and taken to task like any other normal business would? If we are – as businesses – to survive and succeed, then surely organisations like the BBC should be setting examples and showing the way forward. If they allowing many people to leave and set up their companies to make successful programmes (at a profit to themselves) and at the right price for the BBC, why can’t the management of the BBC grasp this? So, Tony HallJames Purnell etc etc – it is time for you all to step up to the mark and be held to account…..

And this is without debating about complaint from last month raised by Gregory Campbell in the Houses of Parliament:-

BBC ‘hiding behind veil of secrecy’ over complaints

Gregory Campbell said BBC NI had been asked for the number and breakdown of complaints about programmes

Gregory Campbell said BBC NI had been asked for the number and breakdown of complaints about programmes. An MP has accused the BBC of “hiding behind a veil of secrecy” in relation to complaints. Gregory Campbell said BBC NI had been asked for the number and breakdown of complaints about programmes, under the Freedom of Information Act.


Don’t let BBCthree close and move on-line – leave and put it on-line! This can be done as a classic example is Bloomberg TV…..and that is another debating point for another….how the BBC has lost it’s way with the News and Business reporting….

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