You are here but are you there too and do others know too?

So where are you promoting your company?


We have been discussing with people and companies all about promotion and where you are with regards to sharing content on your company, whether it information, newsletters photos or videos.


The issue you have whether you are releasing, promoting, releasing or sharing information is the applications and platforms you use. 


Either way, which ever method you use, the ones you use (or don’t use) need to have one thing in common – the same name for your company.

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So, what you need to do, is make sure that you have found every possible site you think you should be using now, in the future and may not use at all.

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Once you have identified all these sites, make sure you register them in your company name (or product name), thus meaning that your name, brand and/or product name is owned by you and not a competitor or another company that uses the same name.


Now that you have got you name on all these sites, whether you are using them consistently or just place a holding message (with contact information), people finding you via these applications will see you and by seeing you, the content they see, becomes part of your Content Marketing programme.


The content may not be much on some of these applications, but together with your name and the content and these applications, your brand protection all of a sudden becomes part of your Content Marketing Strategy.


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