Mobile or Location Social Media – are you there yet?

Social Media via Mobile or Location Marketing………

Have you even considered or thought about this?

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Following an interesting event last week (Thursday 12th December 2013) with Robert Scoble and then reading his book (co-written with Shel Israel) – Age of Context – it gave us a lot to consider. We had chance to see wearable technology including glasses and goggles to demonstrate how wearable technology is going to become part of our future.

Previously, we have seen and read about pop up displays that can appear on the visors of pilots, displays on the windows or the airplane cockpits or popping up the windscreen of of cars. All these are providing various bits of information including information of the performance of the engines etc together with details like satellite navigation as to where you are going. We have all seen the publicity (whether this is right or wrong) surrounding Google and their Street View recording plus their Maps Application, but have you ever considered where this could all be leading?

Currently (to my knowledge and others I have spoken too), Google do not seem to be planning to re-do this again, well to update these recordings soon or at all, so you have consider when it is used in the future, that the data maybe out of date. But you say roads and locations don’t change – yes you maybe correct but the the businesses filmed may have relocated or closed down, so the image of the place you are looking for, could be wrong…..

Are you putting two and two together yet?

When we were children, we used cut up newspapers, magazines or catalogues to form scrapbooks or collages of the things we wanted, we used a felt tip or pen to mark the photos of what we wanted to identify and leave clues to as to what we wanted as presents or as people do today, posting to the new thing that is “Pinterest” – the modern day version of the previous methods….

You are using the internet (most likely Chrome which happens to be the home of Google) to search for something, it could be items for kitchen, the house or garden; maybe you are looking for clothes – either way, your device you were using for browsing, will have noted the sites you visited and the items you looked at, to enable you to find them faster the next time you look….

As you can see our devices and now applications like Pinterest are becoming today’s version of our scrapbooks or catalogue marking. Do you think this is really happening? Well just think back to something you were looking at recently on line and just see what starts popping up as you are typing in the information to the toolbar or search box….now isn’t that spooky, the details of what you searched for are appearing before you finished typing…..

Now you have TWO and TWO and TWO – what have you got……….

We mentioned wearable technology, Street View/Maps and now internet searches/applications and this all comes together in to the simple formation of Mobile and Location Marketing……

Mobile and Location marketing is becoming the future of linking all the elements together and thus creating the next generation of forming and facilitating our we are marketed to or the way we begin to shop…….

A brief overview from last week’s insight to this, what did it show? How about this for starters:-

  • Showed that the searches we looked at, are stored on our mobile devices.
  • The devices whilst we are out and about, are checking at regular interviews with the internet to download your emails, Facebook/Twitter updates, plus providing data to update all the other applications you have running on your device.
  • Your device it fitted with location services, so via GPS applications are able to pin point your location.
  • At the same time, the internet is holding the details of what businesses are available (if they have placed themselves on-line) or if those companies are on-line promoting themselves, the details of their products and services are placed on-line and being broadcast too.

So, place all four points above together, and then you have everything being delivered to you via a mixture of Mobile and Location marketing. How?

You are driving down the road or walking down the street, when you device pings or an icon appears on your glass; yu then look at the notification, only to be informed that the item you were looking at, is available at X plus has it in stock and is at price Y compared to price Z when you were looking on line.

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With all this in mind, start to think about what you are planning to do next year and in 2015, as wearing technology will be here sooner than you think, plus as we already have mobile devices – the concept above, is not that far away……

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yet how far away are you?

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This is Guest Blog written by Ian Calvert