Are you covered against Contaminated or Defective Products? If not, then consider this…

Contaminated or Defective Products Insurance

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In November 2013, Boots had to recall ranges of its own brand cough medicines, due to concerns about potential contamination by bits of plastic from the bottle tops. On average, there are four product recalls in Britain every week, due to contamination or defects which might be harmful to health. Without the appropriate insurance in place, a product recall could be catastrophic in terms of cost and reputation.

In the food, drugs and cosmetics industries, a recall could be triggered by contamination by foreign objects, bacteria or chemicals, or safety issues with packaging or labels. With other industries, the risk could be through faulty electrics, choking hazards or dangerous components. The incident could also be triggered by threats or extortion.

Product recall insurance can provide a business with the following support:-


  • Training, planning & simulations

Recall costs:

  • Product testing, retrieval of suspect products, disposal of products, repair/replacement of product, re-distribution of replacement product

Post recall costs:

  • Staff expenses, Additional marketing, Lost profit

Crisis management:

  • Recall Consultants, Public Relations Consultants


  • Ransom and Reward Monies, Security Consultants, Forensic Consultants

If you manufacture or supply products, and are concerned about the potential costs of recalling contaminated or defective products, then you should consider purchasing product recall insurance.

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