Are you in front of everyone?

You see me here but can you find me elsewhere?

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Here you are reading this posting on our blog page which is on our website and you may have noticed is called and you know we are Service Address but are you looking elsewhere….

One of the things, that is something we discover quite often, is that many companies don’t have a consistence presence in place. whilst they say they have their brand but they don’t seem to embrace it. For example, we have the name Service Address not just here, but also on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ amongst so many more – but is it important?

There is two avenues to explore here….

One avenue is that when people are looking for you and they have found your website, they are also wanting to discover more about your company as well as discovering more from your company, so they will be looking for you. If they go on to YouTube we have our channel there and it is the name of Service Address so people can find our channel quite easily. And the same can be said for TwitterFacebookGoogle+  etc etc – now can you say the same? Have you got the various media channels branded in your company name? The major benefit here, is that when people or companies are a specific platform, they can just search for your company name and discover you. It may be just the holding page, a few posts or full of lots of information – either way, they have discovered your presence and this is important. With more and more focus being placed on Content Marketing, by placing your content on the various channels, you will be enable more facilities, platforms and applications to discover you and your company….

The second avenue, is how you deliver the information you want to share with people. This information you have to decide on is how it will be seen not just now or in a few months times but in the future too. This is why it is so important that the placing of information is done correctly, in the right place and by the right name. This may seem straight forward, but what you have to think is the person posting it and how long it you want it to be seen for? Whilst they say that people buy from people, people also want credibility of a company and a brand. So, if you have staff (say for example Paul) promoting your company (in this example Joe’s bakery) on Twitter via @JoesBakeryPaul which happens to be his account, what happens when he leaves? You won’t a) have control over that account as it his and b) all the information he posted on your bakery will be lost. Therefore, you need to make sure that all the accounts that are posted from, are ones created by you (thus you have ownership and control) and branded in your name too, thus the information being posted is your content and related to your company too.


So remember, make sure what is being posted is via:-

  • Platforms in your name
  • Applications in your name
  • Sites in your name
  • Postings are in your company
  • The postings are delivered from facilities owned, maintained and controlled under your companies’ Social Media policy
  • The information posted and shared is only information and related to your company

Thus, with 2014 just starting, quickly identify where you want information posting from and on and even if you may not need other platforms now, you may in the future, so grab those applications,, platforms and sites now with your company or product names on.


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