All changes are coming to conclusion and ready for 2014…..

Well, we are sorry for lack of updates – well actually none at all – but we are now nearing conclusion of our re-alignments and re-positioning of various interests.

Service Address is a fully operational company which provides and undertakes the following:-

  • Mentoring of individuals and company staff
  • Speaking Engagements for both individuals and businesses
  • The provision of Consultancy Services
  • The provision of Cost Reduction and Purchasing Services
  • The provision of Management Services
  • The provision of Sales Management

Also, we will be providing weekly articles and blogs to both individuals and companies to share information, news updates and business information that we feel will be benefit and assistance to you.

The operation of providing specific product and service training services is now all being provide by The Social Piggy and the associate Piggy’s within whilst business promotion is being undertaken The Directory Piggy.

More and more information s going to be released over the next few weeks which explain more and we trust that everything you will see and discover is clear for you.

We hope you have had a good 2013 and looking forward to sharing many articles and blogs as well as working with you in 2014