Online and up & running…..or are we….

Welcome to Service Address and our first blog and one just to keep you abreast of what the plans are that lie ahead…..

Over the next twelve to eighteen months, we will be changing many things are around all the associate businesses which will involve closing down some areas and merging parts within other operations.

By the end of 2013, we will have three clear divisions/strands to our operations and in turn be able to deliver help and assistance to any business ranging from the SoHo business through SME, Medium, Large, Corporate or International businesses; plus maybe a fourth dependent on market conditions and discussions with various organisations.

Trusting that everything develops as planned, 2014 will deliver the facility of Service Address being there to help either the individual or business/organisation with mentoring support and assistance. We have chosen five keystones covering of:-

  • Dream
  • Conception
  • Development
  • Growth
  • Finalisation

All of which will be explained not just here but on the development and growth by moving various arms and strands into The Social Piggy and The Directory PigPen over the next eighteen months. The development of these two brands will offer a lot to individuals and businesses, so please do follow them and keep seeing at what they can offer you.

So, please bare with us and join us on the joining through to the end of 2013 where 2014 will see the emergence of assistance, help, support and development not only for the individual but the business community too.