Scredible and Tier Four Ambassadors….

Scredible Landscape

Working in conjunction with your Scredible Tier One, Two and Three Ambassadors and supported by Scredible Professional Services, you will be trained as a Tier Four Ambassador to help deliver Scredible to the SoHo, SMB and SME business arena and engage with them on the implementation of this service into their Social Media strategy.

You will be someone who has a background of Consultancy and Training and have a knowledge and experience at dealing at this level.

You will be someone that a Klout Score of 55 plus and/or Kred Score of 600/6 as a minimum requirement

As part of becoming an Ambassador – on being accepted – you will be given training which will encompass:-

  • Meeting your fellow Tier Four Ambassadors
  • Taken through a structured training programme to deliver all the ethos and services that Scredible can offer and how this will be delivered
  • Each person will deliver a presentation to make sure that all Ambassadors are fully conversed in the Scredible story

The location of this training will be advised to once the dates and locations have been confirmed

So what is next…….

We would really like to invite you to become part of our team, so the next stage is:-

  • Please register here to start utilising and understanding how Scredible works
  • Please complete the form below to register to become a Tier Four Scredible Ambassador
  • Please advise which Country/Location you wish to be considered to be an Ambassador for
  • Your current Klout score
  • Your current Kred score
  • Any you have any questions