Education to deliver sales – can it be done?

If we can create future generations of Social Business platform users who not only Code but can also understand the Features and Benefits that Social Collaboration and Social Engagement can bring – then can this create Opportunities to deliver sales from bottom up around Education?

So is there a solution and where does this come from?

The one thing we are seeing more and more each day, is that with more people starting to use Twitter to comment on items breaking in the news or they’ve just seen, there is a huge rise in the language being used that is considered rude, offensive and abusive. Thus, with the rise of people using Social Media across all forms of Social Business platforms with no real education in place as to content and context, we need to establish a grassroots approach to educating people.

There is many ways that your company can truly benefit from but do you know how?

Through their Professional Development Training PDT programme, Scredible have developed a process of how helping Educational establishments understand what LinkedIn can do to bridge the gap between Pupils, Education and Business.

By the Scredible team taking your Education Establishment through how you can make sure all your Staff – both Academic and Administrative – having the correct Personal Profiles, Company and Education Pages together with Showcase Pages, the ability to understand what they can offer, will help you to train your Pupils and Students on how to set-up their Personal Profiles together with Decision Boards.

Once you have undertaken the Scredible programme, you will have an understanding on how you can connect with local businesses to make the connection of both your Showcase Pages to help Pupils and Students with formulating their Decision Boards.

If these local companies need assistance on creating content and context, maybe creating their Company or Showcase pages, Scredible will be able to deliver you an overview course to help create a Basic Understanding for these businesses to be connected to your establishment.

Should these Companies need to get a greater insight and understanding of how LinkedIn can help their Business develop further, then Scredible can work with you to develop localised courses to help you bridge the gap between you both.

So, speaking with and dealing with Scredible, your establishment can not only learn how LinkedIn can work for you, develop your Pupils and students further but forge greater connectivity with the Business Community around you.

One such area is by understanding how #PSCSED can create a structured programme covering SIX key areas that companies need to start implementing which in turn will create and deliver engagement and enquiries back to your establishment by both Pupils, Students and Companies.


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