Hootsuite Pro and University Offer……

{ Offer has now expired }

Growing your Social Business with Hootsuite

Every so often, we get apporached by Hootsuite about campaigns they are looking to do directly or sometimes indirectly via their Hootsuite Ambassador programme. These can involve webinars, eBook giveaways or HootUp’s that are organised by their HootAmbassador Programme and supported by Hootsuite. Yet sometimes, Hootsuite actually go a stage further and provide offers which they allow us to share with our audience.

Thus, early in February, they asked us if we would share an offer they were going to provide to us between the 19th of February and 9th of March 2015 which effectively was offering you 25% off the Annual Hootsuite package if you subscribed for this package instead of the monthly Pro package. (Note – coupon expires on 31st of March 2015).

So what is this offer?

Normally when you sign up for Hootsuite, you get a 30 day Free Trial followed by a rolling monthly contract or 12 months of Hootsuite (if you don’t downgrade to the Free Version). However, what Hootsuite have offered us to share with you, is three months of Hootsuite Pro and University free after the 30 day trial expires – how great is that?

(If you are already a Hootsuite Free or Pro User – keep reading to see what is available for you too)

So, in a nutshell, sign-up for Hootsuite, get 30 days free, then add your voucher to your billing information and get an extra THREE months credit is added to your account.

This means you are signing up and getting four months free (which if you want too, you can cancel anytime on a monthly contract) or if you opt for the Annual Contract, you’ve signed up for 13 months and are getting FOUR whole months free.  (If you are already a Hootsuite Free or Pro User – keep reading to see what is available for you too)

In summary, what are you getting:-

  • The ability of Hootsuite to let you manage all of your Social Business media networks in one place
  • Helps you develop relationships
  • Helps you to drive traffic
  • And you can even use Hootsuite to create customers
  • Hootsuite Pro lets manage up to 100 social networks in one place
  • Schedule messages to publish at a later time and date
  • Measure the performance of your social media campaigns
  • Collaborate with up to 9 other people

How do you get this offer:-

Step One:-

Click here with this link through to Hootsuite to activate this process to sign up for your Hootsuite Pro Account. Fill in all your details and to claim your 30 day free trial and complete the sign up process

Step Two:-

Once you have completed your sign up above, click on this link to take you through to the billing section

Step Three:-

Within the Billing section, the code ————- into the Coupon box.Once you have entered this code, click “Add Coupon” and then click “Save Changes”

Once you are up and running, make sure you take advantage of every aspect that Hootsuite can offer both you and your company. If you take this offer further, you can really start to lay the foundations as to how to really build Social Collaboration and Engagement with your audience with all the members of your company. As afterall, this offer can be used by all your staff and get everyone embracing Social Business.

Now, for those of you that are saying that you are already a Hootsuite Pro User or currently in a Pro trial?

You can simply, redeem Your Coupon from Your Dashboard!

To redeem your coupon:-

  1. Click Settings (gear icon) on the left-aligned launch menu
  2. Click Modify or Upgrade Plan
  3. You will be redirected to your Billing page
  4. Click Monthly billing, and then click to select Hootsuite University, included with your coupon. Please note that your Ambassador coupon only includes Hootsuite University and not any other add-ons. If you want to enroll in Hootsuite University, you must do it during this time. Otherwise you would be charged.
  5. { Offer has now expired } Enter your coupon code ————- into the textbox line with “Add Coupon”
  6. Then click Add Coupon.

Note: Your coupon will be visible in the upper-right corner of your billing page, below Current Plan. Don’t see a coupon? Try adding the coupon again.

Once you see your coupon, click “Save Changes


a) Should you decide that you don’t want to continue after this four month period, please make sure you set a reminder to cancel the subscription before the THREE month offer expires. Please be aware, that if you don’t cancel at least 30 days before this offer expires, YOU will be charged for continued subscription of Hootsuite Pro

b) This offer is brought to you via The Hootsuite Team (@Hootsuite on Twitter), Hootsuite Media Inc. 5 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, CANADA, V5T 1R6 


We trust this offer provided to us by Hootsuite, gives you and your company FOUR months of great education via Hootsuite University and the step forward on to correctly managing the needs of your Social Business programme with Hootsuite Pro .

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