IBM and Small Business…

One of the things that needs to be understood – every business isn’t a Large Business or a Corporate….

Currently, latest figures are stating that 1 in 7 people (2014 figures) employed in the UK is currently Self-Employed and this is going to rise to 1 in 4 by 2020 (some people actually think this could drop sooner to 2018) which is meaning a huge change in the way people work.

As we see this, from the outset, there is two avenues to take either Google or Microsoft, yet, we feel the only way to go by taking the latter due to what it has to offer.

It is not just the whole aspect of what Microsoft can deliver in terms of Word, Excel, Outlook, but the whole bigger picture. Over the last 18 months we have clearly seen how they have changed office365 and now expanded this across other platforms/devices such as the Apple range which would never have been dreamt of in the past.

The changing face of Microsoft where office365 can deliver so much around the world of Cloud and coupled with Apple really lays the foundation of adding another side to Smaller Business triangle with IBM.

Utilising all three sides of this triangle, means that the rise of the Self-Employed person together with the Micro Business arena of 2-5 employees (or depending on other data 0-9 employees), this market is vastly moving at a rapid pace and either by self taught or by using low cost IT Consultants (of which many are self-taught and pushing FREE Google services or Google Business).

Therefore, Self-Employed, Micro and Small Business really needs to be catered for today and not in the years ahead by playing catch up! Thus we need to see where we are today and how this can be resolved. So, here we are today:

Capture IBM Small Biz US Front Page

The above is from the home page of

Capture IBM Small Biz UK Front Page

 The above is from the home page of

So, as you can see both sites are exactly the same and at the bottom under information for, both sites are stating Midsized Business and yet when you click through on both, they land on the same page:-

Capture IBM Small Biz US Click through

As you will see above, IBM then mention Small and Medium Business, this clearly needs to broken down more, as on the front page, the need for Self-Employed, Micro, Small and Medium sectors of the Business arena to be able to see something they can identify themselves with.

Once they click through, they need to be able to see things that they can understand and see a relationship with too. Not everyone is an expert or has an IT background or understanding together with having an IT budget – thus they do things themselves.

Therefore, we need to take a look at other large companies/organisations as to how they handle this arena and make sure IBM grab the best and and make sure this is better. So, how can this be done?

Firstly, the products need to be defined as to the correct arena ie Self-Employed, 2-5 employees, 6-9, 10-15, 26-50 etc – these arenas need to be focused on more due to the rise of BYOD and this is a huge area for IBM to exploit.

Once the products can be aligned with these numbers, then these bands are placed on the site so that they can find themselves and identify the products IBM has to offer that match their needs.

Why is this important?

This will help each person/micro/small business be able to research and decide how IBM fits into their business plan irrespective of their ability.

The ability of these bands being able to deal with IBM directly as opposed to MSP’s, will enable these bands to understand and adopt more. Microsoft has seen this by now changing to offer office365 directly via their website together with numbers for people/companies to ring them and discuss directly.

So, if IBM wants to be at forefront of being able to change people’s thoughts on “New Ways To Work” with services like IBM Analytics, IBM Mobile, IBM Verse and IBM Watson, then IBM will be a true ‘Game Changer‘ in this arena.


We trust this article gives you an insight as to why we believe IBM needs to adopt the changing business arena and how IBM can keep ahead of their competitors.

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