Tasting 50 for 2015……

You maybe thinking what is “Tasting 50”?

What can tasting or 50 have to do with you or your business?

Every so often, we discover from speaking to people and companies that there seems to be a confusion and mis-understanding as to what is happening within the business world especially with the fast changing world of technology too. So, we have decided to put on small taster sessions which aren’t as high level or intense as our normal introduction sessions but also offer incentives and rewards for attending to enable the attendees to leave with items that will take them to the next level and at their own pace too.


The reason for “Tasting” is that we are providing you a taster session as to what we can offer both you and your business.

Our normal introduction sessions take place over either a morning session or the choice of two – a 180 minute or 225 minute session – afternoon sessions, so we decided reduce this down into eight summary introduction sessions which will give you a light introduction into how Social Collaboration and Social Engagement is now coming together with Social Business in our everyday lives plus why you need to start thinking and implementing these points….

With our taster session we provide a more low key introduction session covering:-

  • Causal chat and drink and welcome session
  • Introduction session to Social Business and how this is changing the way we market and sell services and products today compared to the past (10 minutes)
  • Marketing session covering points that you need to be considering (20 minutes)
  • Sales session covering points that you need to considering and thinking of implementing (20 minutes)
  • Casual recap (10 minutes)
  • Social Business and how you need to start thinking how this growing to consumer more and more of the way your business operates (20 minutes)
  • How using a platform like Hootsuite to mange your Social Business platforms can help you and your company really place Social Collaboration and Social Engagement together with Social Business within your company (10 minutes)
  • How our “50 point BOOST Guide” will help you think more about how Marketing, Sales and Social Business all fits together (20 minutes)
  • Wrap up Q&A session (10 minutes)

Our structured Taster session helps you to go away thinking more about how you need to start thinking differently about how you worked previously and how you are currently working to the way you need to consider working to fit into the fast moving world we are entering….


So, we have had the Tasting Session above but where does “50” come into all this?

Simple we are giving you back 50…….

  • Our “Taster Session” will be discounted by £50.00
  • We give you our “50 Point BOOST Guide”
  • We give you your “Toolbox50” Guide
  • A £50.00 discount voucher off “one2one” Company Mentoring Session review
  • A £50.00 discount voucher off “one2one” Company Sales and Marketing Session review
  • 30 days Free Access to The “Guidance Author” and “Guidance Platform” Vaults containing eBooks and White Papers worth over £50.00
  • 14 Days Free Access to the “The Vault” containing 100’s and 100’s of eBooks, White Papers and Infographics worth £50.00
  • Free HootsuitePro and Hootsuite University (Subject to availability) worth over £50.00

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