Social Business and the Legal Profession

Following on from many discussions, we have decided to put together a help section for the Legal Profession to give a quick overview as to where you should be:-

Connected – this application from LinkedIn is a daily must have and must use

Costa Coffee – now don’t laugh but this Application is something very key for you too

Eventbrite – a platform whether you host events or not, is a must have too

Facebook – make sure you have a Practice Partnership page

Flipboard – a platform to enhance your knowledge base

GoToMeeting – a platform that can be so useful in so many ways

Hootsuite – make sure this is one of the first things you have to enable your practice to truly engage

Klout – now this is one that you must have from the start to make sure your foundations are in place

LinkedIn Personal – you need to have a complete breakdown of yourself here

LinkedIn Company Page  – you need to have a complete breakdown of your Practice

LinkedIn Showcase Pages – you need to have a series of Showcase pages for your education, employment and skills

Manetch – this platform is a great way to identify people, companies, experts etc that you need to available to yourself

Meet-Up – whether you think you need this or not – this is actually a must!

Mootis – make sure both you and your Practice is here

office365 – whilst you may wonder how this is a Social Business platform and why is it here, let’s say you must have it and this will become apparent

OneDrive – a main key platform in so many ways to enable you to really be engaged and upto date

Pocket – this is another key backbone platform Application that you need

Starbucks – yes you may laugh at this Application but again, another part of the jigsaw too

Twitter – ideally you need to make sure that each person and department is here

YouTube – make sure your practice as it’s own channel

Xing – whilst this may seem strange it is not because it is really part of your bigger picture


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