Long gone of the days of you buying or renting a home, having children and watching them grow up before you are walking out the door to take them to Preschool or Infant School around the corner or a few streets away then watching them move up through the school chain still within the locality.

Today we are now seeing after entering Secondary School at Year 7, you have two more years before your child could be on the move again to a Academy School, Free School, Studio School, Technology Academy or even stay where they are at Year 9 level.

Today, with various Social Business Platforms now dropping the ages of joining and looking towards long term integration between Education and Employment, your child will – in-conjunction with your thoughts and ideas – start thinking of planning their Education to match what they want as a career.

With you wanting your child to really succeed and the way Education is changing, these establishments are now changing the way homework is done and placing more facilities online to enable you to monitor what homework is being set, how your child is perform and allowing your child to do their coursework and/or homework from home.

Thus, more and more Establishments are looking at aaS Providers to introduce these aaS platforms. aaS is “as a Service” where the Education facility is using DaaS (Data as a Service), ITaaS (IT as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service),etc amongst others where pupils/students can do their work and save it to access at home or from another location whilst teachers/lecturers are able set and grade school and course work whilst also having dialogue via the internal mail facility if available. Furthermore, the Education facility can take this aaS and utilise it as effectively an Intranet as well the backend to their website.

Two main companies which we are working with are IBM Education and Microsoft Education and it is really interesting seeing how they are really embracing and working with Education to make sure Pupils and Students are fully being prepared and introduced properly to how Technology is becoming more and more the Foundation for Education these days.

To show how serious the Government are taking the role Technology within Business and Employment and thus feeding it back through the Education chain, in September 2014, from Year R and Year 1, the Government saw that Technology was going to be key in the future, so they started to introduce Coding into the Curriculum.

So, to make sure Pupils and Education Establishments are all embracing Technology, Technology Partners – including the likes of Apple EducationIBM Education and Microsoft Education – are supporting these facilities.

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