How Amazon is leading the technology companies to change the way we shop….

With people and competitors complaining and saying it will damage our buying options at our small local stores with Tesco buying Bookers, these people need to actually sit up and take notice now!
This purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon is a clear sign the old established model of High Street retailing is changing. The traditional form of retailing has been struggling to survive for many years and as a result, we’ve seen so many High Street names disappear.
Technology has, is and will change the way we behave and shop, so this, is just the start of the changes ahead…
Oh and just wait to see what the Dash Wand will do to – it’s going to be the start of the next wave of Gamechanging for the retail marketplace….

If you are unsure what the implications of how the advances in Technology are coming, going to impact on society and what it will mean for your business or business sector, then you really need to be looking in to this. If you are wanting to understand this further, then we can help you. To understand more about what this means and how your company needs to be protected, then complete the form below and we will help you to take the right steps in moving forward.

Automation – are you considering the impact this will have on employment?

We were going to share/write about this before #GE2017 but we thought we’d wait to see if any Party or Politician would actually raise this and guess what… did!!
For us, this is something that all parties really need to start discussing and addressing NOW otherwise, left to the last minute, the costs and repercussions could be extremely high!
Whichever way you look at it, Technology has caused many job losses in the Car and Manufacturing industries from where the levels of employment were in the 1970’s and we had to adapt quickly but still we had high numbers of unemployment.
With the next wave of Technology coming each and every day, unemployment will start rising and add in the number of Graduates leaving education with limited job opportunity, the issue will start becoming more of question where the answers are limited at the moment…
So do we have any Politicians or Party that is actually prepared to step up and acknowledge/address this issue, just like Gavin Newsom is starting to do so in California?

If you are unsure what the implications of Robotics and advances in Technology will mean for your business or business sector, then you really need to be looking in to this. If you are wanting to understand this further, then we can help you. To understand more about what this means and how your company needs to be protected, then complete the form below and we will help you to take the right steps in moving forward.

Are these industries not recognising they are real Innovators?

You think and wonder why Interior Design and Landscape Design are both here as we would we be wanting to talk about them?

Well the simple answer is that Interior and Landscape are both one in the same and they both be huge market leaders in the fields of Innovation and Technology.

Whilst both arenas still command the majority of their work being manual and visual drawings, technology is becoming more and more affordable to allow these two sectors to embrace technology and rise to another level.

Once this is then combined with 3D Design, 3D Printing, 4D Printing, 3D Visualisation , AR, VR and many more features and facilities that are arriving, the opportunities for these Designers is limitless due to what AI is delivering……

The one issue – is this lead to mass consolidation?

Can we foresee a time where Technology can lead to consolidation within the whole aspect of the Design and Construction arena?

Will Technology mean that anyone with access to Design tools could Dream, Think, Plan, Design, Apply for approval, Gain approval and Print their own house, office, factory etc?

Whilst many within the industry will dispute and say this is stupid and will never happen – let us just say that the majority of this is already happening and it won’t be long before the whole picture could arrive…

Furthermore, the arrival of Printing and Visualisation is clearing going to really change the Construction, Design/Landscape Industries within 2016 and these sectors really need to stand up take notice that they can be at the forefront….

The main problem that many of these businesses still are that they are in two sectors where physical and visual is what their prospective clients are wanting – and, they continue to offer!

Yet technology is now here for them to embrace and change the way business operates all together.

Whilst we have the likes of Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR becoming available to businesses, many still this as being heavily focused around the Gaming Industry – how wrong this is…

Yes, they may be focused around Gaming but they throughout 2014 and 2015 showed the intent that AI, AR and VR could really offer.

Yet lurking in the background during this period was HoloLens from Microsoft which so many dismissed – what a huge mistake…..

With HoloLens now releasing, they are offering the AI combination with AR and VR the arrival of 3D!

Their 3D offering means for example, that a landscape gardener could design the garden that you asked for. The gardener, then loads it on to a VR Headset to see the design overlaid onto your garden through the images/videos that they took. But, instead of this VR experience, HoloLens is taking it a stage further, where you will see the same design and be able to reach out move things items around to the way you wanting them. This will be totally a real life experience as the items will be 3D so you can see the design in more depth.

Also, why have the photo or the video?

You will be able to put on the HoloLens Headsets and actually look through the lens to your garden just as if you are wearing glasses. Then, when the design is launched, you will see the design in real life and in real conditions! Just think, the design was done and based on the photos/video taken on a wonderful sunny day, yet when you are viewing it, it is dull and overcast, how does it look now?

What happens if they came in the Autumn and it’s now winter? With a few clicks through the HoloLens programme, the plants change to show what they look like in Winter!

So, the same can also be done with Interior Design too!!

With this VR Technology now releasing – the big question for you as Interior Designers and Landscape Gardeners is…..

Are you ready to be the new GameChangers with the business world?


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