Your #BBSTR Toolbox……

So here is your BOOM BOOM Toolbox

#BBSTR – this is a bit like a on-line business card where you can post a photo of yourself with a brief overview of yourself, whether this is about you personally or from a business point of view – maybe it could be both? Also, as the card is in your own name so it is unique to you plus it is interactive as people can like and comment on your photo and bio too

BBC Click – being a bit of a geek and all over the place, speaking to people, watching videos, being told this and that and testing products, it is always good to be so far ahead of the game and one of the ways i find to do this, is with Click. BBC Click a great half hour show once a week giving you the latest news on Tech as well as allowing Kate Russell to share all the latest (or up and coming) App’s on her Webscape segment of the show.

BBC iPlayer – whether it is too watch BBC Click above or to catch up on your latest TV show, having BBC iPlayer on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, allows you to keep up with so much plus with the news and live debates/shows which can add to knowledge, is a great bonus.

Blackfoot WebHosting – We have been using Blackfoot for a number of years now and we’ve never had any issues/downtime with any our websites. That’s not the reason for including Blackfoot here or promoting/recommending them to you, the main key reason is the support which we value most! Whether it is during the week or at the weekend, when we have been doing changes/updates to sites and discover an issue or problem, we’ve raised an issue and Blackfoot have replied within around 30 minutes to about 90 minutes! And this has been with us raising tickets between the hours of 07.00 to around 22.00!! So for us, this level of Customer Support is the key reason we include Blackfoot here and are very happy to promote and recommend Blackfoot to our audience for WebHosting.The same comments and feedback about Blackfoot’s service and support, mirrors our views from our clients that have taken up Blackfoot’s services – hence another reason to include them here.

Bloomberg TV – if you are wanting the latest and most advanced stories and news on Finance, Companies and Technology, then this is something that you should chose virtually straight away! Whether this is your reception, office, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile – you are making a huge mistake in avoiding having this. With broadcasting bringing Bloomberg TV from London, New York and San Francisco – this channel reals keeps you up to date and ahead too.

Buffer – when you come across an article that you want to quick share or maybe schedule at a time of your choice or when is best for your audience, than Buffer is there to help you. A clear and very easy to set-up and use Social platform to share items that you feel are relevant with your audience.

Canvais a great App which can be used for creating backgrounds as well images for your profiles and banners on many of the different Social Business platforms.

Compare The Cloud – I have been very fortunate recently to be engaging, attending and working with and at IBM on various projects and events. Through some of these events, I was very lucky to meet Daniel Thomas and Neil Cattermull – two inspiring and passionate people who’s knowledge about The Cloud and the technology it has to offer and they both really open your eyes to what the possibilities are moving forward. They provide not just enlightening and inspiring talks and events, but also share this knowledge and help you to understand The Cloud more their company Compare The Cloud. I would suggest that you have this as part of your knowledge to discover more not just on The Cloud but technology too. Click here to discover and learn more about Compare The Cloud

Connectedthis is definitely one of the must have’s for your iPad or iPhone! Log on each morning to be notified who amongst your connections, has a Birthday, Anniversary or has changed jobs. We always get so much appearing on our LinkedIn stream but how often do you actually speak to your connections? By using App, you can keep in touch with each and everyone of your connections at least once a year.

ellothis site was of the fastest growing underground networks that was private and by invitation only. The response to this ad-free network was brought into existence during 2014 during the issues people had on Facebook with adverts, data sharing and not been able to their names they wanted to use such Drag Artists amongst many others where they wish to have Profiles and not Business Pages. It something I think you should consider to be on as the community has lots to offer in many ways but only if your business can actually see the right fit with the audience – for some it is placing images that can be liked and shared.

Eventbrite – for me this is something that is such a must whether you are the company or the user. If you are hosting an event, you need this if you are attending an event, this is a great ticket facility. I feel this is only the start of this Eventbrite can offer you (or similar App’s when they arrive) to improve your event interaction . 

Evernote – this is a great way via your Mobile, Phablet, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop to store a link, article, receipt or anything you want for a later use/ store on one device and access from any other due to being stored on the Cloud. Also, if you click here on Evernote they have offered you free Premium features

explore b2b – I came across explore b2b a few years ago and played with it on and off as I wasn’t quite why I should be writing an article on a platform out of Germany – would it be seen by the people and the businesses I was hoping to work with? The interesting answer didn’t surprise as it was NO, but then, I started interacting and meeting wider range people – people that I could really say are influencers not just to myself but also people and companies I deal with – who were actually talking about the site. So now, for me, it is a site which I try to write on 2 to 4 times a month as a minimum. Whilst the benefit of this site may not suit everyone, in my personal point of view, forget about the industry you are, this is a site that can really help you a stage further with what you are wanting to do. (Apologies – again not sharing what the full benefits of this are as this formulates part of the services I provide to my clients) Click here to see my profile on explore b2b

Facebook – you need to make sure you are consistent and easy to be find, therefore, make sure one of the very first things you do, is to establish your business page on Facebook where people will be able to find out about your company in an easy to manage way

Fast Connect – are you someone who is always on the move or hosting meetings or events in various places? Do you sometimes just want to grab a coffee somewhere to have a break, relax and/or catch up on emails and work with out interuption? Then using Fast Connect is a great way to find venues and locations where you can use WiFi, whether free or paid for

FireChatis not an App that you would use day in / day out but is something to really have in your toolbox if there is a group of you. Quite often (even with the fancy technology we have today) you can be an area where you think you would have a signal or maybe you are in the middle of nowhere with no signal and this is where FireChat really is a great benefit. By using Mesh technology, you are able to mesh network your phones together and still communicate when there is no signal with your Peer-to-Peer network . So if you at a festival or something similar where you may lose each other, FireChat meshes the phones together to able you still to keep communicating

FlipboardThis is something that is really key and we refer people and companies to as a way of sharing knowledge and giving an insight into what you do. We have decided to partner with Ian Calvert here so that you can see his albums of which total 149 various arenas. Ian captures news items and then he posts the item to the relevant board that you can then use as a reference tool for the future. So, if you are wanting to get some background, news or something else about iBeacons, you can go to his album to find the information that you can use elsewhere.

Foursquare is a local search and discovery service mobile app which provides a personalised local search experience for its users which we use to demonstrate to people and businesses as to how they can see what is around them. Think that you are a bar and when you look at Foursquare, there are no bars listed on it in your town, if you had your bar then anyone looking at your town will only see your bar and hence your bar could top of their list of where to go

Glassdoor – is changing the way people look for jobs by the additions they have added. You can how the area, industry and company is seen/perceived/like to work for. Also, they have insights to the industry you are looking at as well as insights from business leaders too – they have brought so much together in one place to really define in-depth what you are or should be looking for

GoToMeeting – a platform that can be so useful in so many ways! GoToMeeting enables to do just more than the title says – this platform allows you hold both meetings and webinars with in-built recording too. Thus, this is an internal and external project for you hosting meetings, overviews, introductions, interviews etc etc – the list goes on and on

Hootsuite – there are so many answers and reasons as to why you should be using Hootsuite. You should be using it to mange all your Social Business platforms. You should using to share items between your team/colleagues. You should be using it to measure the analytics of your Social Business engagement. You should be using it to utilise their University Education facilities. The list goes on and on… However for us, the one most stand out item – is our world wide audience and this is why and where Hootsuite comes into it’s own. By utilising their Bulk Scheduling facility, we can actually schedule items to make them relevant to each timezone around the world and one that has created audience growth and engagement that we would not had received without it

I Want A Speaker – is a great online platform where you can promote yourself as a speaker or utilise to find a speaker for your events.

Iconeme –  by downloading The Iconeme App you are entering the ultimate retail experience by allowing you to interact with products on display in the window or within the store. This is done by letting you interact with store mannequins and visual merchandising equipment

Inside Navigation –

Instagram –

Keek –

Klout –

KPMG Enterprise –

Kred –

LinkedIn –

Meet-Up – whether you think you need this or not – this is actually a must! Meet-Up is the world’s largest network of local networking. Whilst it is always great to know what is going on where you are and connect locally, what about when you are on the move? If you are a away for a few days or have a meeting which means you may be sat in traffic for a long time wasting journey home, you should/must use Meet-Up! Look at where you are, and see what Meet-Up‘s are taking place. Then, see if you can book in to one to attend and then make your time more productive than sat in traffic going home. A great way to make more connections and and develop an extension to your business connection network

Meshfire –

Messages –

Messenger –

Movythis is a great video sharing App with so much potential in so many ways. For me personally it can create so many levels of engaging and reaching out to your audience. The opportunity to receive feedback and then communicate too, is something that takes engagement to another level. This “back and forth” communication between individuals or groups then creates a stream of conversation that can be shared with anyone. The fact that your messages can be public or private also creates a platform that serves both personal and professional use. Movy is an open system that will work on any device, any browser.

Neon – from the Eventbrite family, if you are hosting an event, this is a real key advantage point that you need to add to the event. This can truly help you study more about the event and attendees . 

office365with this now being available iOS devices as Android devices, this has to be one of the most important items in your Toolbox in my honest opinion. Whether you are using the Personal, Small business or the Enterprise version, the ability to utilise Microsoft Office any location to carry out your business is such a huge boost. Whether it be email – see OWA -, excel or word being able to work remotely is another foundation stone in taking your business to the next level.

OneDrive for Business – Having the opportunity to sharing to and  from The Cloud of your saved photos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc is a huge bonus. Plus for us, with it being on Microsoft, it gives a sense of easy access plus simplicity across all devices. Many times we have heard people comment about trying to open Google Dive or Dropbox – thus for us, it was best to stick with something that most people are familiar with.

One Qube –

Path –

Pocket –

Rebel Mouse –

Scredible –

Skype –

Snapchat –

Social Media Centre of Excellence –

Speedtest –

StoryDesk –

Swarm –


Twitter –

Viber –

Vimeo –

Weave –

WeChat –

WhatsApp –

Xing – x

YouTube –

Zoom –

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