Your Network – Detection and Prevention…..

When looking at things, we take so much for granted and don’t actually take protection against things we should. This is mostly due to us mostly having the attitude of “it won’t happen to me but if it is does, I’ll fix it then” – this is too dangerous and is something you should prepare for now!

This is really worrying especially with the way we are becoming more and more focused on moving our whole lives on-line – so, are you really thinking about protecting yourself?

Do you or your company have the right protection or prevention in place yet?

Recent figures are showing there was around 2,460,000 “Cyber Incidents in 2015” but only around 716,000 were actually reported to Action Fraud! Some reports say this is down to people/companies not wanting to publicly admit this or even more worrying, in some cases, IT Managers/Directors not wanting their bosses to find out as it could be seen that they aren’t doing their job properly! How worrying is this?

Is this really problem? Well just look here at Action Fraud’s site highlighting issues – – this just highlights what you are at risk from.

As the UK Government announces that it is to spend £1,900,000,000 over the next five years on defending the United Kingdom from Cyber Attacks. Whilst the NCA has said that Law Enforcement is boosting it’s efforts in defending and protection against Cyber Attacks, they stated that the Business Community needs to do an awful lot more.

So, as a business, what protection do you really have in place? Are you really protecting both your network and your client’s data?

Are you really sure you are?

Even companies that have protection are prone to Cyber Attacks and thus are still open to be attacked. Just look what happened with Talk Talk back in October 2015, when they were attacked and the huge fall out that occurred especially to their Share Price when customers wanted to leave and seek compensation as a result of this attack.

Whilst many companies are now offering Insurance Products against Cyber Attacks, the UK Insurance believes it can be a leader in this market place, but are companies are really looking at taking these policies out yet? The answer is it is still something that companies aren’t really looking at or considering! How dangerous is this?

Whilst it can be good to have the insurance in place, it’s not just a case of taking the insurance out and sitting back thinking you are protected, but taking preventative action too! Yes, you can have security on your computers and networks but can this really deliver the right protection or detection?

The main consideration that so many companies are now overlooking is the case of Prevention and this is the key thing – you need detection to either prepare or prevent occurrences taking place. Therefore, the monitoring of your network is very key to everything to do day in day out – 24 hours day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks of the year.

So the question that is so key to your company, are you monitoring your network?

Network monitoring is what every company should have in place as an automatic first choice alongside your internet connection – these two go hand in glove and are crucial to the everyday running of your company. What is Network Monitoring? Well in simple terms, it’s like have a someone constantly analysing your network and detecting things before they happen. Like, if between 2.00am and 4.00am every Thursday morning nothing is happening on your network but then something starts to happen, you can be notified as to this taking place and what action will be needed to solve the problems this could be about to cause.

Thus, prevention through detection is the solution before the problem occurs. The route of prevention and detection can be the path to protecting both your own network but your customer’s data too! Whilst for some companies, Cyber Attacks can only impact on your network, the issue is wider as if they get hold of your external email addresses (ie the clients and prospective clients you are emailing or sending newsletters too) and heaven forbid, the bank account details of your clients, the publicity around this can create bad publicity around your company for a long time – just look back at the article above about Talk Talk, still today this story keeps appearing in the news and as a result, people will not use them because of this.

If you aren’t thinking about Insurance or Detection, then you really need to be and if you are wanting to understand this further, then we can help you. To understand more about what this means and how your company needs to be protected, then complete the form below and we will help you to take the right steps in moving forward….