LinkedIn – who is right?

How do you appear on LinkedIn?

My LinkedIn Profile

The way you want to be seen?

The way you are told to be seen? 

Or do you actually appear as per how LinkedIn say in their terms and conditions?

This is quite an interesting topic to discuss as it just doesn’t apply to LinkedIn but Facebook too as an example, but what is the answer and is it the one you want?

LinkedIn Profile Incorrect

As per the picture above, adding in extra things like your Company name, your numbers, symbols, special characters, your email, your website or  your telephone number is not permitted by LinkedIn, so the question is why do it? Another way to look at it, would you think it looks Professional if someone apporached you to introduce themselves to you to work with you?

Many people when you ask why they have done their profile like this , say that it is what they have been told to do by other’s, by people who say they are trainers/advisors or from LinkedIn courses they have been on. When it is pointed out to them that this is wrong, they take offence and tell the people that told them to do it like this and then they say that you are trying to damage their business – this is not the case….

What is worst?

A simple question is for you…..

Being told that you doing your profile wrong and advised to change it?


Having your page closed down and you lose everything associated with that page? 

 The following Question and Answer from LinkedIn, is virtually similar to Facebook:-

Will my account become restricted if my name fields are out of compliance?

Yes, listing any of the unacceptable information listed above can lead to account restrictions. We are constantly monitoring the site for profile compliance, and name field violations are subject to flagging and review by the Trust & Safety team.

Therefore, please consider what you are doing with profile whether it is on LinkedIn, Facebook or elsewhere – is your profile and image what the the site/platform requires or stipulates?

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